Happy Birthday Whit!

_DSC0031 Now that's teamwork!

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 One legged squats, alternating
15 Pull-ups

Post your choice of girls and rounds completed to comments.

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  1. happy birthday whit!! hope to see you soon!

  2. Hey Miguel….I’m gonna eat my Wendys during Cindy…bet I still beat ya!

  3. Sounds like a challenge. I suggest a good sturdy puke bucket.

  4. I didn’t know meatball likes getting ridden like that.
    Let fun posts begin in 3….2..1

  5. Finally I found a trainer who will help me back after the runs! Scary picture by the way on my part!

  6. Happy Birthday Whit and Happy 26th Birthday to Nick and Matt Snyder!!! Yikes!! Of course I was 12 when I had them:)
    Good job this morning, Nitro, you rocked those pullups! You made Cindy your bitch! When I always thought I was your bitch . . . .

  7. Happy Hump Day!! As much as I would love to come in and cause myself some more pain today, I am going to give Amy Winehouse the reigns and let her do the WOD for me. Do me a favor and work her hard!! She has been slacking all week!!

  8. Happy birthday Whit!

  9. Hey JPO – are you checking your blackberry during your “ride”? You sure are dedicated!

  10. Cindy is just not my best WOD. 12 plus rounds. I’m happy with my
    Pull ups. Did almost All of hhem with buttefly style.
    Good to see Nick this am.
    As soon as we were done Brad started talking about
    Eating Wendy’s and still kicking ass and Pistol
    Was threatening us with deadlifts. Whatever!!!!
    Soooo, now I will wait out the day until the testing
    and facebook messages start from those who
    will get many more rounds than me. Looking forward to
    that HAGLER!!!
    BUT tonight I am attending a running seminar
    so I hope to be lightning fast for the challenge
    next week Miguel!

  11. What running seminar – I could you some serious help there!
    Whose team am I on?

  12. that would be ‘use’, not ‘you!

  13. at CrossFit ATL. Go to their site. BUT…you can’t go unless your on my team. Only people from Miguel’s team are allowed. Martine’s team is developing a different strategy that involves a daily intake of Wendy’s hamburgers, fries and cokes.

  14. Pebbles, pay no attention to Wendy’s. He’s just trying to live a little before his team gets crushed from day 1.

  15. Well, I heard Brad recommended that his team eat burgers, fries, cokes and probably ice cream every day in order to be better next week. It is a diet Brad highly recommends and I think it will help them all tremendously. I am trainer at CFNF so I HAVE to share this information and not keep it to myself.
    ALSO, OREO BLIZZARDS help your performance. Don’t worry about the block or zone diet. This is exactly what Brad would want you all to do. If you really want to gain some PR’s add in beer each night and cigars on a daily basis. NACHOS are great for deadlifts. Pistol has been eating a ton of them and that is why she is boasting this success of hers on heavy DEADS.

  16. Happy Birthday to all!! I’m interested to see how I do today with good ole’ Cindy… my first run at her was certainly a bust and definitely not RX…

  17. Actually, other than the nachos, you honestly just described my diet.

  18. Pretty lousy performance on Cindy(CTB)….couldn’t stop belching after that double bacon cheeseburger!

  19. dang it. Now I want a bacon cheeseburger, and a coke.

  20. Meet ya there!

  21. I had Wendy’s for lunch too. Welcome the dark side!

  22. In the spirit of competition, I figure one of the team leaders would write a motivational speech. If possible, please use the following link as a template
    At the very least, you have to give some credit to the coach for being brutally honest.

  23. Alright, while my team could probably eat all the aforementioned foods and still kick Miguel’s team’s ass, (btw Kim, are we going with the names we talked about yesterday?) as your team Captain I would strongly advise against it. I don’t think Pukies will add to our team score.
    Oh and Miguel, you better be looking for an apron to serve me that samich in.
    Wasn’t feeling it today, but that’s alright, I’m saving it up for Saturday.

  24. Why dont you try coming in and see for yourself

  25. You and Nitro are so romantic.. Is that how you keep the fire alive…???

  26. I heart Cindy! Too bad this didn’t come up next week! I feel Nate comin next week!
    I’m looking to fill my midmorning times with some personal training clients. 1 free session to every referral you send me šŸ™‚ I will tell you all my strategies! Seriously, if you know anyone that you think would like/need my services please send them my way.

  27. If I refer myself, does that mean I would get half off?

  28. ALWAYS Working!!!

  29. Happy Birthday Whit. You are more man than Breeze will ever be.
    Can someone tell me who’s team I am on.
    I need to know who I need to direct my rude, tasteless and sometimes regrettable comments to.
    Thank you in advance…..except if you are not on my team.

  30. Pebbles,I beat you…17 rounds RX..hard workout but fun.. My hands ripped on the last two rounds..Thanks Ed for pushing me through the last round.. I got a new PR …last time me and “Cindy” met..I did 16 rounds RX..Nice to meet J.T. tonight and it was fun to workout out with the boys tonight(Micheal and J.T.)..as well as new girl..I like to call Boston. I felt great about that workout and am so glad to be back on track.. Pebbles..when I figure out my form on the hanging power cleans..watch out..you keep me on my toes..Thanks for the motivation.

  31. G-dog…You are on the losing team, of course…

  32. Alright….Mr “I can’t do Cindy cause my heal hurts.”

  33. How about up yours Breeze.