Happy Birthday, Shari Gordon! (Belated!)

_DSC0011What do they feed those Salley girls?

HQ Rest Day.  Yesterdays Thruster/Double Under WOD will be posted in the gym.
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  1. Strong girls rock!!!!

  2. pretty in pink..

  3. wow, she’s pretty young for strength bias.

  4. One is never too young for SB training. I bet she’s already stronger than her daddy!

  5. thanks for the help today on the shoulder press, brad! i owe you.
    pebbles, we can’t wait til you get back!
    sarah, where have you been?

  6. In the middle of round two of this wod I was wishing I hadn’t chosen to do the men’s weight. Gdog said I looked painful! Nice job on the cleans today, boys! Kimi, great job on your second WOD, I promise it gets easier!

  7. i did the shoulder press and front squat workouts at lifetime. I also did the clapping pu and box jump one there also. That was too funny…. note to everyone… I CANNOT do clapping push ups. I fall on my face. What time are you going in tomorrow?

  8. Wow Pistol! That’s a lot of heavy thrusters! Well done!

  9. Lifetime?!!!!! WTF!

  10. Ditto!

  11. OMG! trust me…i can’t wait to get back either. I love our gym and love the fact it is at least half FEMALE!!!!

  12. What?! Who?! Where?!

  13. I got your daddy…
    Amelia can’t quite DL 2x her weight – but that’s saying a lot for her!

  14. that bad, huh? I can hardly walk…

  15. hey all! i’ll repost this tomorrow but a few of us are thinking about going to a braves game on friday june 26. they play the boston red sox at 7:30! if we can get an idea of how many people want to come, and we have a big enough group, we can get block seating at turner field. i don’t know quite how much tickets would be but i’ll look into it.
    let me know if you’re interested! trust me, this group knows how to have a good time at braves games.

  16. ….I challenge anyone to get on the big screen!

  17. if there were more ties on the weekend that i could come to CFNF I would. at least i did the workout somewhere.

  18. ties = times, sorry im typing while in class.

  19. we just miss you, that’s all 🙂 glad you’re getting your strength on. i think stacy and i (and hey hicky, you can come too) are meeting at 9:30 tomorrow am for some back squatting. want to join?

  20. RunnerGirl says

    Thanks for the Birthday Wishes! Just noticed it 🙂 Put a smile on my face! Will be back in on Wed! Hope everyone is having a great start to the week. -shari

  21. I second that challenge! Good times!

  22. Austin McLean says

    Hey yall hope yall are doing well! This week is freakin hectic cause we are cleaning a bunch of weapons and all of our gear we have to turn in and we also have a ton of details oh and a history test that the last cycle before us has like 10 no go’s and had to restart to another class! so its a freakin mad house here and of course i am in charge of the platoon this week. sucks…oh well. i should be back on june 26th so i hope to be counted in to that group going to the game! but that is if all goes well i dont fail this coming test and i dont do anything to get kicked out of OCS 🙂 can’t wait to be back in the gym. miss yall.

  23. count me in…I need to learn the shower dance..Blake, can you help me out???

  24. I’m in for the Braves game. I have an idea or two on how to get on the big screen.