Happy Birthday Caswell!!!!


Classes are at 8:30 AM and 9:30AM.  Come see what's on the boardl


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  1. I just love our Caswell!!!
    Ryan saw a fire truck yesterday at Atlantic Station and started screaming “mom, there’s Matt!”
    Merry Christmas to my CFNF family.
    G and I are going to come to the 9:30. I hope the WOD does not involve quads or tris. Ha!

  2. Happy B day Matt! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! Hope to see some of you at 9:30. Yes this is my first posting on the blog, I guess I am getting all wild and crazy with this new fangled Internet thing!

  3. Happy Birthday Caswell!
    Sweatshirts will be here before noon today. So if you were wanting one for a xmas gift please call Kim or myself and we can make arrangements to get it to you.

  4. Happy 50th Caswell and welcome to the internet Lt. Dan
    Breeze here is the arrangement you can make for my sweatshirt. Get out of your lazy boy and deliver it to my house Bitch!

  5. Happy birthday Caswell!

  6. Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus, etc
    Here’s a link for a race in May in N. Georgia. It looks fun — full of obstacles — you get to repel, jump over fire, tunnel under barbed wire, all sorts of fun stuff.

  7. Happy Birthday Caswell! and Merry Christmas to my CFNF Family!!! (you’re waay more fun to hang out with than my actual family)

  8. Happy Birthday Caswell!! Merry Christmas everyone!!
    I cannot believe that you let my wife leave this morning without picking up my hoodie!!! Where’s the love?!?!? I want my d@mn hoodie!!!
    Oh, and I am glad to see that Jpo made it out of Target alive yesterday!! When I saw her, she was wondering around in a daze trying to figure out where she was! LOL

  9. Happy birthday Caswell. In addition, Merry Christmas to all.