Haitian Relief WOD This Saturday at 9:00am!!!

DSC_0034 Nice depth, Bostic!!!


Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

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Compare to 090801.

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  1. Count me in for the Garage Games.
    On Friday, is anyone interested in doing a sandbag hill workout around noon?

  2. Hell yeah Mike! I’m down for sandbags on Friday

  3. Breeze, while the boys are hoisting sand bags, we can go to Jimmy Johns and hoist some subs!!!!!

  4. I have one here with 120lbs and will make the 80lb sandbag today.

  5. FYI- One of the Garage Games WODS is also posted as an alt WOD:
    10 Ground to Overhead anyhow
    20 Sit Ups
    600 m run – (400 + block)
    10 KB Swing (2 pood)
    20 Burpees
    600 m run
    2 Rounds for time.

  6. that is why you two are so cool! I would pick Jimmy Johns over sandbags anyday!

  7. Great job morning crew! And Pistol is waay more tolerant of me and J-Po giggling than Brad is:)
    165 lb back squat PR

  8. I did Mike’s Gym O lift WOD.It included heavy FS so I did not do BS. Very blah today. I think my shoulder joints need couple days to rest. I was excited about this one today but everything felt heavy and slow this am.
    Ryan is home with me and not in school right now so I did not stay and do another WOD. Great day to run though. Ryan and I did a small run and a few burpees…..and some kick boxing (thanks Hagler)

  9. 255 for me today.

  10. Hey guys. Who is up for the Warrior Dash in May? There are only 2 time slots left.

  11. Hey Sniper….I am interested and I think Hicky said she wanted to do it a couple months ago. That race looks awesome and seems like it would be tons of fun!

  12. That actually looks really fun – I’d have to big time step up my running game! If you guys sign up, I’m game – that will give me motivation to get my butt in gear. What time slots are left? And where have you been Sniper!
    Xena – since you are our Warrior Princess, are you up for this?

  13. Dairy or not?
    This is really good. BTW, the butter he speaks about (KerryGold) is sold at Trader Joes AND I have seen KerryGold cheese at Publix although I still would not make it part of my diet.
    I have to say I am really enjoying how I feel eating this grain free dairy free diet. I have lost body fat, gained strength, I recover better, and best of all my shoulder problem is gone and so is my plantar fasciitis which can usually stay with someone for a year to and year and a half.

  14. wow! i’m not sure that your in house warrior princess likes to get that dirty . . . .

  15. YUM! I’m eating my Paleo kit and you guys were SO right! I take back my comments from last night (although it really does look gross).

  16. Come on! You’d even get a hat to go with your fabulous costume! And all the beer you can drink!

  17. I think the 3:30 and 4:00 slots are left for the warrior dash.

  18. I crave those kits! I juste ordered a bunch for myself.

  19. Brad thanks for staying late and coaching us through the squat. Learned a lot tonight.