Gym Closes Today at 10:00am for the Challenge at CrossFit Garage


Nice PR on your overhead squat, Jpo! Your hard work shows!

Five rounds for time of: 

95 pound Power snatch, 15 reps 

Run 400 meters
Post time to comments.

Classes will be held today at 8am and 9am and will close at 10am for the Challenge at CrossFit Garage.

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  1. Looking good Jenny!

  2. phenomenal form…good work Jpo

  3. Looks good Jpo!
    You guys make sure to take some good pics tomorrow at the challenge! Wish I could be there!

  4. Jpo that is SOLID!!!!!

  5. HOT STUFF….

  6. Happy Birthday Austin!

  7. Good job Jpo!

  8. Can’t wait to hear about the challenge.
    Thanks Brad for holding class.I really enjoyed that
    Collin and I had an appointment with Malucci and a hyperbaric chamber other wise we’d be there cheering you on!
    I hate to miss a challenge but no running for me for a while.

  9. austinmclean says

    Thanks Ed!

  10. Thanks to everyone who went to the challenge. Your moral support ,in particular, Scruffy’s yelling made it easier to work through the deadlifts. My performance was not up to par, however, I will say I am extremely grateful for the support and encouragement you all provided.
    Also, Kim and Hicky rocked the workout. Hicky made it look like a breeze as she toook home the gold. During the third round, Kim turned on the turbo as she rocked through her deadlifts and finished with a solid 3rd place.

  11. Thanks for the props on the OHS!! Fun day at the challenge! I thought everyone did a great job and look forward to the next one!! Also need to thank Peggy for counting for me:)

  12. Awesome job to everyone that competed!!!!! It is so motivational watching you guys! I am proud to be a member of such a great team! I will be there tomorrow getting my butt in gear. I will compete in the next challenge! Peace!

  13. Woohooo! Well done ladies! Way to represent. I soooo happy for CFNF!!!!
    Great job to everyone who went. I am sure it is out of some of your comfort zones to do that BUT that is what makes you better. Can’t wait to be at the next one!

  14. Awesome job Challengers:) It was super fun. Each of these competitions is always a little different but always a good time. It’s a good way to push yourself and see how you compare to other teams. Big props to our CFNF team for having three top placers, Hicky, Kim & Jacob!! You all rocked it!
    Oh and Jenny from the Block: Your OHS form as evidenced on the blog pic, is un-freakin-believable! Dear Diary: I want to be like J-Po!!!!

  15. Great job to the CFNFers who kicked some butt today at the challenge – everyone did awesome! And big props to Jacob, Pistol & Hicky for all placing!
    Happy Bday Austin!