Gym Closed Tomorrow for Affiliate Challenge at BTB! Meet at 8:30am at CFNF.

_DSC0021 Haaaaayyyyyyyy…..


135 pound Clean and Jerk, 30 reps

Use 95 pounds, 65 pounds or broomstick as needed and post time and load to comments.

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  1. Carrie CFDahlonega says

    Hey Family! Kim, I’m so glad that you are feeling better! Can’t make it this weekend, I have to work but, am excited about the video! Praying it’s not Isabel… I’ve been working on her. You are in my prayers… Talk with you soon. Love you all!!

  2. I just witnessed a fight and Grace lost…

  3. I lost a fight to Elizabeth the other day.
    But what’s got two thumbs and deadlifted 345 this morning? THIS GUY!!
    I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

  4. I’m psyched for this challenge! And I think our strategy for tomorrow should be balls-to-the-wall Rx for anyone that can possibly do it, even if you know you’ll do it slowly (like me). My shoulder is bugging me so those 55# PP will take forever. But if Rx is the only way to count towards the team score, then let’s bring it!

  5. Martine says

    ITA Anna. Here’s to rockin’ this WOD tomorrow.
    And just for my own mental preparedness, is the sandbag carry 50 or 25lbs? I’ve never done one (well not as part of a WOD anyway).

  6. I’ve never done a sandbag carry; for some reason this intrigues and excites me.

  7. If one is to say “Grace” does one squat clean or power clean or is this discretionary?

  8. It’s a power clean, DD.

  9. I’m not gonna lie… I’m scared! Goblet squats (sounds like something I don’t want to drink out of!)?? Sandbag carry?? and for my kicker… pull ups! The arm isn’t hurting today… just really tight. Tomorrow is going to be tough!! I’m so torn between Rx and scaled!

  10. Yes. Grace got her ass kicked by G-Money-Butch. 4:07RX. Sweet!!! Nice work. I was yelling in his ear like an annoying wife. At least it was about clean and jerks and not like yard work or something……. right?
    I’m coming after Grace again soon. Maybe next week.
    Back is all better. DId a met con WOD today with running, burpees and wall ball sit ups. felt great! I’m ready for tomorrow…..really glad there is no BTB block run.
    See you guys at 4:30 today or 8:30 tomorrow at the gym.

  11. Where is no-name Dan? I haven’t met him yet. He’s been in once and desperately wants a nickname but there is a protocol to recieving a nickname and that is….show up!

  12. Where’s the WOD for tomorrow posted… or better yet, what is it?

  13. Thanks Pebbles. It was a HUGE help with you in my ear.
    You know better than to yell at me about yard work. #1 we barely have a yard and #2 two you know you would have to go to the BDR!!
    Right Shandy
    BTW I turn 36 this week so I challenge any of you 20 something punks to step up and beat my time.

  14. More publicity for Crossfit and those funky shoes:
    It’s by Tim Ferriss. He has a pretty wide reach and is trusted by a lot of pople.

  15. martine says

    Sandbag Carry- approx 300m
    50 Back Ext
    40 Push Press RX: 75# male/55# female 55#/35# Scaled
    30 Goblet Squat w Kettlebell RX: 70#/55# Scaled: 55#/35#
    20 Pull Ups RX: Chin over bar Scaled: Jumping Pull Ups. No bands (Chest to bar not required, but encoraged)
    10 Burpees
    Here’s the link for all the details.

  16. Here’s a goblet sqwuat:

  17. let’s do it, Steph!
    I was hoping we could go to the 4:30 today and figure out the gob-squat. Otherwise I’m resting my guns today.

  18. I heard a 30 something punk named Breeze beat ya though!

  19. If he did, then he cheated….. as always.

  20. Good grief! Woman have to do a 55# goblet squat RX – isn’t that kind of heavy!? Yikes!
    BTW, way to go G-dog!

  21. Beat y’all and I have the “pig flu”

  22. I’m in for 4:30 if you are! I have to get this arm squared away!
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  23. Wow! Breeze bitch-slapped grace today with a 3:09 rx! It was amazing…Way to go Breeze!!!

  24. Are we still meeting at 8:00 tomorrow?

  25. I think its 8:30…..someone correct me if Im wrong

  26. Yeah, 8:30 tomorrow, you are right. I won’t be able to make it, though, so good luck to all of our CFNF athletes tomorrow! I know you will all kick a$$!

  27. Damn, just when I was ready to embarass G-Dog with his pedestrian time, Brad comes out of nowhere and raises the bar.
    Needless to say, I think today’s performances are a good indicator of how much CFNF is going to dominate at tomorrow’s challenge.

  28. Pebbles says

    8:30 is correct.
    Breeze, I will beat you at this…….and I’m the oldest of us all.

  29. Thanx Meatball…well done on your firtst RX Grace!
    Good luck Pebbles! But just so you know I had a lot left in the tank when I was done….
    8:30 at CFNF tomorrow.

  30. Has anyone seen Hagler?

  31. so that is why you drink Jack stack all day…hmmmm 3:09 you might be on to something here!

  32. Pebbles says

    No…she has been MIA.
    Hagler…u coming tomorrow?….we need ya!!!!
    Thanks for the warning Breeze and awesome job.

  33. These posts are hilarious. I’ll just sit on the sidelines of the age discussion…..

  34. I really should learn not to do this until 7 or 8 at night.
    Every time I call people out, I get absolutely smoked by more than one person.
    Up yours Brad…..

  35. Tomorrows challenge:
    There will be points scored for scaled wod’s….so for those of you on the fence between rx/scaled, we suggest you complete the wod scaled.
    See you all tomorrow.

  36. OUCH!!! “no-name Dan” That hurt!!! I just got shot my the Pistol and I didn’t like it!! I think that I just received the motivation that I needed to get off of my ass and get to the gym!

  37. Pebbles says

    Way to go SNIPER!!! almost 3 minutes of her Grace time.
    Nice PR!!!!!!
    See you guys tomorrow.
    Wear your CFNF stuff!!!!!!