Gym Closed Saturday for Affiliate Challenge


Push Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

Attention:  So far we have about 20 people going to BTB for the affiliate challenge. Way to represent! CFNF will dominate!!

Posted by Meatball!!

Happy Birthday Stephanie!!!!!!!!!

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  1. woohoo first commenter!
    Hey Meatball. Why didn’t you update this at 5:00am like Pistol usually does?

  2. for real, i have been waiting almost five whole hours to see this πŸ™‚

  3. Did you two have a romantic anniversary yesterday?
    And I’m hoping the late post means that I’m not the only one who’s hungover.

  4. happy birthday stephanie today! looking forward to an awesome bday wod πŸ™‚
    if you could include burpees in your wod, steph, that would be super convenient. just saying…

  5. agreed. 101, to be exact.

  6. let’s just do 101 for time and then push jerks. or push jerks first, either way. are you going in today?

  7. we’ll see…my plan is to come in for the burpees but my shoulder needs another day or so for the push jerks, unfortunately…

  8. Happy Birthday Stephanie!

  9. Thanks, everyone! And thanks for the add on the blog, Meatball πŸ™‚ KJ… I’m in for the push jerks first and then who knows?! 4 rounds for time of: 25 burpees, 25 sit ups, 25 KB swings?! I think that sounds like a good quarter century bday wod!

  10. Happy Birthday Stephanie!
    Oh and you guys will like this one, my Katie wants to know “Why do Crossfitters think they are so cool?”

  11. Peggalicious says

    Martine – just tell little Katie that one day she’ll understand.
    Happy Bday Steph!

  12. Happy Birthday CrossFit Steph!!!
    And tell “my Kake” that it’s because we are!:)
    Good job this morning Sheri and way to go Sheri’s sister, Dawn. Hope to see you again on Friday.
    Yay no burpees!!!!

  13. Anna, you’re just old and can’t hang with us young folks.

  14. Well while discussing the awesomeness of Crossfitters, she then asked me if it was because Ryan went to Crossfit. (Because Ryan is the coolest person EVER). I think Kate might have a crush. πŸ˜‰

  15. Ryan loves ” his Kake”. He is looking forward to seeing her this week end.
    Way to go G- dog. Nice job putting Rainman’s
    Front squat of over your head!!!

  16. Wild Thing says

    Today is Lil’ Nik’s birthday too! So happy Birthday Stephanie and Nikki. Kyle and I would come to the challenge but we will be out of town for Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Crossfit Moms!

  17. G-dog….that was impressive!
    Happy b-day Steph and Lil Nik.

  18. I did the alt wod tody…10 box jumps, 20 wall balls and 30 kb swings..30 pounds..for 3 rounds….looking at this would think that it might be enjoyable..I, on the other hand, struggled today..Haven’t fully got back on track from Sin City..but felt great to sweat..12:28 rx…Also, loved seeing the dogs..

  19. Happy Bday Steph. Hope to see everyone soon. Last Final Tomorrow!

  20. G-dog you rocked that shit today! nice PR! More than your bodyweight! Jpo rocked that shit today too! Way to get over your mental block! I like it! Happy Birthday to Steph and Lil Nik

  21. I was wondering where you have been Hagler. I have been MIA this week too.
    Nice push jerks Stacy and Peaches. 105 and 115 aint bad πŸ˜‰ Awesome job ladies.

  22. I knew it would hurt and I wasn’t disappointed.