Front Squat


Back Squat


Met Con:


30 Clean and Jerks (ground to overhead, finish with full extension of elbows and knees before returning bar to ground)

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  1. It was a lot of fun in here at 6a. lots of laughs, stories form Xena and of course comments form Doc.
    So, they claimed they were all TIRED but all PR’d on front squat. Andy got 205 for a nice FS PR. Then…………… they all kicked GRACE’s ASS!
    Nice work on your first Grace Keelow. Huge PR for Xena.

  2. Looking to whuuuup on on Breeze today at Grace!!!!!

  3. I love Grace. Bring on the Grace offs!!!!

  4. Good workout this AM. I was satisfied to end the week with upping my FS by ~15lbs, BS 1×15 by 10lbs and finishing Grace in ~4:15, or something like that.
    I could feel the shakiness on the first few pushes on Grace – form is still a challenge for me, but it’s getting better.

  5. It’s amazing how being newly single, newly blonde and nine months of hard work took 5+ minutes off of my Grace time:)
    I know, I know, Pebbles, I need to do more weight next time . . . .
    and not wear so many wrap shirts! I got it!!!
    Great job 6am boyz:) Oh and thanks for all the dating advice, Keelow and Doc!

  6. I came I saw and I got beat. 2:42. PR by 19 seconds but Breeze had the force with him today and knocked out a 2:37.
    I am going to spend the rest of the day drinking and eating to drown my sorrows (Paleo of course)

  7. Be careful.. Breeze rigs those timers.

  8. Your wife was the timer….knowing her, she probably stopped it 2-3 times during our wod!

  9. Meatball and I did this this afternoon. Nice work Meatball.Thanks for the push. I did PR. 3:24RX plus 2 lbs(the weights just worked out that way)
    Thanks for timing us Caswell. Caswell said that we did Grace plus a 400m cause we started to move around the room. Ha!
    Brad and G-dog rocked the house with this today.

  10. Yo CFNF! Please visit and vote for north fulton’s best gym. And no, Andy, it’s not Lifetime. It only takes a few seconds and would greatly be appreciated.

  11. American Body Works?

  12. American Body Works?

  13. Looks we have a new Firebreather at CFNF. Jonathon smoked “Grace” today! Great job!
    Also, congrats to Simon for doing unassisted pull-ups!

  14. They CrossFit you know

  15. Yaaaaayyy Big night at CFNF. Congrats Simon on the pull ups!
    BOSTIC….way to go. Grace RX 2:02!!!!!!!
    Really nice work from everyone. Have a great week-end. Sounds like a lot of fun plans this week-end!!!