Friday WOD



Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press

Post reps for both exercises in all rounds

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  1. Awesome job today Christy with “lynne.”

  2. Loved this workout!
    Kim, I feel your pain. Lost a callous on each hand. It is yucky…blood and all. Brad tried to fix me up quickly with some gauze and tape. He is a great trainer but thank God he did not aspire being a surgeon.
    LOVE from the Butches!!!

  3. I found that taking my wedding ring off helps alot. I also keep gymnastic tape in my bag too if you need some, I will leave it in the gym.
    Losing callouses is a milestone!

  4. I wear pretty pink gloves. Might be “girly” but I yam what I yam. Need my callouses for golfing!!
    See ya at 12:30. Anyone meeting me on the playground??
    p.s. Kim…you almost kilt bill yesterday…hehehehehehehehe

  5. Would like to say congrats to Matt Salley on being the first person to “puke” during the workout this morning.

  6. Would love the tape. I am going to go get my own soon. Hands are raw!!!
    Way to go Matt.

  7. Great workout today….although the warmup was a bit much to be called a warmup. Kim you looked MARVELOUS doing those kips! Hope your hands feel better.
    WTG Matt! Way to push it to the limits!! (I am also a member of the TPC – Trego Puke Club)

  8. That warm-up was brutal…and oh yea, the workout wasn’t easy either. Way to go G-Dog!

  9. Agree on that one Brad. Kim is not allowed to set up the workouts anymore.
    My hads are raw from all of those…Ok the few pullups I did. But I am going to have to hold onto cold beers all night to keep the swelling down.
    See you in the AM.

  10. I’m not sure how many layers of my palm i had to lose to look marvelous but it felt good! kinda….. Awesome job everyone! And you too Garrett.

  11. Thanks for the…and you too Garrett.