Friday WOD


1 Round for time

400 m run/row

10 box jump

20 squats

30 double unders

800 m run/row

20 box jump

30 squats

40 double unders

400 m run/row

30 box jump

40 squats

50 double unders

Post time to comments.

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  1. Ouch! Many thanks to Brad for generously offering the higher box for my jumps.

  2. I’ll be there at 12:30. Kimbo…here is the website for the energy drink…
    Thanks Brad for the helpful hints yesterday!

  3. Where is sherri allen?

  4. My pleasure Charlie…your doing awesome. Thats what I am there for Gigi.

  5. Christy...aka Pebbles says

    This is my kind of work out! I may have to give up the off day for this.What time is the latest class???

  6. Kim the Pistol says

    This workout was a blast!!! My kinda workout too Pebbles! 4:30 is our latest!

  7. Christy...aka Pebbles says

    I’m there!

  8. Great workout. Almost beat Kim. Awesome week everyone.
    Now I am off to have Pizza and Beer.

  9. Kim the Pistol says

    Better luck next time Clyde! You really shoulda beat me on this one, not sure how that happened. Your double unders were awesome! I wanna be like you when I grow up.