Friday WOD


Kamilah had the 2nd best time for CFNF at the Challenge.  This photo says it all!  Nice form, you strong like bull!

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
65 pound Thruster, 10 reps
10 Pull-ups

Post rounds completed to comments.

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  1. Happy Birthday Pebbles and Jpo! Sorry I won’t be there to celebrate with you both, but I’m sure you’ll have bags of fun.
    Austin, well done for whooping me by three rounds this morning! Those pullups were brutal… good thing I have a week to recover!

  2. jenny.... Jpo says

    Thanks Hicky!! Have a safe trip!

  3. Random thoughts from Xena:
    … are we supposed to toast Pebbles at her birthday dinner if we can’t raise our arms after this morning’s workout?
    … moment of the morning: attempting a real box jump, albeit on stacked weights, and conquering it
    …..worst (embarrassing) moment of the morning: yelling out (without thinking) “ow, i broke a nail” and receiving no sympathy whatsoever
    ……pondering how Austin can do what he does, then realizing that the original Bionic Man’s, aka six million dollar man, name was Steve AUSTIN, hmmmmmm, i’m just sayin’
    Good Job Eve, Hicky and Tuna, Girls Rule!!!
    We missed you Pebbles, but know you’re gearing up for tomorrow:)
    And good luck to BamBam who’s coaching the All State Georgia Girls Lacrosse Team at the National Championship in Philadelphia this weekend!

  4. Congrats sammy on your first MU!
    Hows that broken nail doing, Zena? Sure it will grow back.

  5. Austin M says

    Thats awesome Sammy, congrats buddy.
    And Mrs. Princess Warrior, I am only worth 4.5 million…The war in Iraq set the government back a bit so they lowered the budget on my “nuclear powered limbs and implants.”
    What time are we meetin at the pool?

  6. Austin M says

    or is it Warrior Princess?

  7. Austin, you can call me plain ole Xena, no Warrior Princess needed:)

  8. SAMMMY!!! You are a super stud. Congratulations.
    I plan on getting my MU by the time my boys reach high school.

  9. Hey! Thanks Hicky. See you soon. That’s awesome Sammy.
    Garrett and I worked at the Frazer Center for children and adults with disabilities this morning, but will be in to take a beat down at 4:30. My plan is to kick Brad’s A$$.
    See ya soon.

  10. Sammy, Awesome job on that muscle up! Your face was all lit up when you knew you had it. Priceless!

  11. Congratulations Matt on that muscle-up! I hope someone got it recorded. Well done!

  12. thanks for all the love everybody! Props to all of u cause you keep me inspired….specially my trainer peeps. Kim, what’s really priceless is that it came after a LONG night out w my boy Spider! Like anything else that requires a high degree of strength and coordination……performance goes up with alcohol.
    Speaking of big deals……kim, 15 rounds “r to the x” of today’s WOD is crazy! U r putting some distance on the rest of us

  13. Pebbles, Collin and I rolled in for the 4:30 WOD and at least one of us tanked it nicely. 10 Rounds of uninspired thrusters and pull ups.
    Breeze enjoyed chatting in between each round.
    Pebbles thanks for supplying the eye candy while I did thrusters.
    Zena, I just may have to come in early one day and do the wo with you and your legendary husband.
    15 Rounds Kim is impressive indeed. Looks like we had a great crowd today and after looking at the board many of you are improving. Keep it up.
    See you in the AM.

  14. autism:
    the chicks are wondering what kind of implant you have?
    to the 7 am crew:
    regarding today’s workout.
    since i went to the 5:45am WO, i was waiting @ home to tell Xena about my 10 rounds.
    she looked at me . . . sneered . . . and said, “i did 13.”
    i am married to a fembot.
    eddie “no-nickname” snyder

  15. Was thouroughly impressed today when “shuga” Ray, 50 suthin yrs old, climbed all the way to the top of the rope today. Impressive!

  16. go shuga! Give me some shuga!
    Way to go on the rope….can’t believe u mastered that rope bfore the other one!

  17. Austin M says

    Its top secret, if I told you, I’d have to kill you.