Friday – We are closed Monday, July 4th!


HQ Rest Day.

Alt WOD:

Cash In:    Row 500

8 Barbell Complex (135/95) – 20 Sit Ups

6Barbell Complex – 30 Sit Ups

4 Barbell Complex – 40 Sit Ups

2 Barbell Complex – 50 Sit Ups

Cash Out:  100 Double Unders

Barbell Complex

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  1. This wod looks super fun!

  2. Campbell says

    Yeah – Super!

  3. bsawkins says

    JT, I think you’ll get me today. 14.56Rx. Good workout with Stringer, Spider, and Campbell at lunch.
    To anyone I don’t see before Monday (I do expect to be in on Sunday for the SEAL WOD), a very happy July 4th to you!!