Friday Rest Day


Welcome new CrossFitters, Jim & Kathy!

Make up a missed workout or come see what’s on the board.

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  1. Pebbles @ CFNF says

    Great WOD. Loved it!
    Did not stop once on the run which is really a first for me.Now….to get faster!

  2. Whew! Still sweating after all that! Good job Pebbles:) Girl power to me, Joy and Sara! And welcome to Fred! You did awesome! Nitro comes home for Japan/Korea tomorrow so hopefully the jet lag will have worn off by Monday and he will be in to regale you all with his stories of Korean girls giggling at him and eating “jerryfish” (aka jellyfish) – hahahaha – more stories to come:)

  3. Pebbles, you seem to rock every workout. How do you do it? I am always impressed!

  4. gigi...burpee & manmaker hater says

    gigi dealing with MAJOR computer crap. I can’t believe i am saying this, but i would rather be doing burpees!!!!!
    just fyi…earthlink is blocking their own ip addresses…

  5. Pebbles @ CFNF says

    Kamilah…I would save the word rock for Hicky, Pistol, Breeze, Austin….but thanks. It is a goal to keep getting better and to lose 20 more lbs!
    Plus, your doing awesome yourself!!!
    Looking forward to seeing Nitro…and Bam Bam.
    Way to go 7am crew!
    See you guys tomorrow. Fun Saturday. Be there.

  6. Pebbles @ CFNF says

    ps. Xena….no go on the iphone. the line was HOURS long!

  7. Lets see. Quoting Pebbles “I would save the word rock for Hicky, Pistol, Austin and Breeze”…. Breeze
    ummmm Honey, sweetie……. where’s the lover here?????
    Breeze…come on!!!

  8. ur yesterday’s news G…. 15 minutes is up.

  9. hahaha

  10. Sammy… You have opened my eyes to my limitations.
    Guess I just have to realize that except for being an awesome dancer, I really don’t have much going for me.
    OCD you just pipe down.

  11. consider me piped…

  12. don’t sell yourself short g, your a tremendous slouch.
    OCD….I’m a little worried your posts the last two days talked about “getting stoned” and “being piped”……sounds like California IS on your mind

  13. Hey CFNF! The Nadlers just got back! I have been gone one month and only did cf once! However, I hiked and/or biked miles and miles!!!!! Kyle just got off the bus from camp and he said he thought about crossfit everyday and missed it terribly. He went over to athletics at camp( you have to be 15) and begged them to let him practice pullups!! What DEDICATION!! Isn’t that awesome!! Hopefully, see you guys in the am!! We are so missing our CFNF!