Friday Rest Day


Nick makes the greatest faces.  If today isn’t your rest day make up a missed workout or come see what is on the board.  Below is some correspondence I received from Annie Sakamoto regarding keeping the kip with the new pull up standard:

As for chest to the bar pull ups, what you probably need to work on is more explosiveness from the hip to get you that extra few inches. Did you ever see Adrian Bozman’s kipping speal on the main site. He teaches a different kip than I taught you back then, and in fact, I now use his method when teaching the kip. It seems to get the hip involved a bit more, and could be more helpful when trying to get those few extra inches.

as for me, I haven’t been really doing too many chest to bar pull ups as I am now 7 1/2 mos. pregnant. I’m happy when I get 10 in a row with my chin above the bar 🙂

Hope everything else is going good. And I hope this helps a bit.


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  1. Man, we are all gonna be so ready for the challenge with all these FGB variations. ‘Well done” Pistol and Breeze for the preparation. Good job Kari, mornings are tough and you did awesome. And Bam Bam as always you are the man – you killed those box jumps!! It’s fun working out with you:)

  2. As i was reading the thing about chest to bar pullups i saw the part about being 7.5 months pregnant and i was like holy hell how is kim 7.5 months pregnant. but alas it was the beautiful annie writing the explanation.
    do not remember if i posted it yesterday or not but my time was crap anyway, 9:06. Wanted to get in the 7’s but it was not happening after yesterdays dumbell snatch workout. hope yall had a good saturday workout!

  3. Enjoyed today’s workout…. It was fun doing it with a full house. Props to all pushing themselves through. Nadler, Sherri, Larry, Amanda, ya’ll rocked. “Kamillah the Killa” props on knockin it out RX! We’re gonna need you puttin’ up big numbers at the Challenge!

  4. James CFAddiction says

    I’ve never seen Boz’s speal on kipping. Is there another kind of kip other than the gymnastic, frog, or butterfly?

  5. It was great to be back in the swing of things..thanks for the props sammy!I needed all of your guys encouragement just to finish after a brutal 5 wk. break. Great seeing you again kim nadler! Won my huge playoff single’s match today though, despite being sufficiently sore. 🙂 See you all again soon!