Friday February 10


That's right. Hold your air in during the lift!

1 Strict Shoulder Press then AMRAP push press. (When you stop, your set is over.) x 3

Recored weights and reps.


15 OHS 135/95

200 M Sprint  

15 OHS

200M Sprint 

15 OHS

200M Sprint

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  1. Sean stepped on the timer remote.

  2. Good day today
    BS 315 x1x5
    Shl Prs 170 x1x5
    WOD 135/115/95 Building run each round 4.07Rx
    Felt pretty good today. Could have gone a little quicker on the workout but had it been three rnds of 135lbs OHS I would likely have needed to break the 3rd round into two.
    Good job to all at lunch today. Q’s squats were a thing of beauty, J and H both did great with the workout and J lifted beforehand so extra kudos to her. Brittney is on the comeback trail, did great with the shoulder press and OHS. It was good meeting Jeff, who did more on the OHS than he thought he could.
    See you all in the morning.

  3. Great day!! (did some deads, how can it not be?)
    Allie(sp) came today and Amber, HAGS client both did great
    Q!!! I saw the box jump OMG!!! You are awesome and your form on the OHS were down right beautiful.
    And btw you look great!!
    Brit did a wonderful job as well the muscles in her back are showing.
    Shout out to Jeff!!
    Ben did a great job and offered some much needed insight on pullups and deads that may just get me over the bar!! Ben’s backsquat is pulling away from my deadlift so I have to work harder.
    HAGS!! so happy we were able to work out together today.
    Enjoyed seeing Pebbles more this week. Thanks for the pointers.