Friday – Cookout today after the 5PM Class!

David Dyer Gets His First Muscle Up! from CrossFit North Fulton on Vimeo.

800m Run
20 Wall Ball Sit Ups
400m Run
20 GI Janes
Block Run
20 DB Squat cleans (35,25)
Building Run

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  1. G.I. Janes…this sounds fun…can’t wait…think I am working out with either the 6 am crew or 8:30 crew tomorrow…..can’t wait to get this week over……Martine,Miguel, and Dan…good work with the tally marks on the board…I am up to 8 marks….contest ends may 16th…so keep it up…..loser buys winners beers…:)

  2. nice work on the MU, david! very impressive.
    loved the “outtakes” video kim posted on fb.
    see you guys tonight for the cookout!

  3. missed morning classes….looks like a lunchtime workout for me…..

  4. Nice job David!

  5. You can’t get way ahead and then start adding consequenses for the losers!! 🙂 OK… a 12 pack of Milwaukees Best for the winner!

  6. Way to go David!
    JPo – glad you’re back! Thanks for the encouragement and great attitude last night – it was fun working out with you. GND – thanks for staying and timing us!

  7. The run made this WOD an anaerobic sufferfest…good lunchtime group. Finished in 13:40, or so AND am glad to report that my muscle-ups are back after a brief absence this week. Way to go David…did you meet your time goal?

  8. Good WOD, the GI Jane’s killed me today. Sorry I didn’t stay longer, but could hardly go 3 seconds w’out violently sneezing. Rainman Killed it today!