Friday- Congrats to Stephen and Sarah Stringer!!

29894_826852249371_7031607_45510038_6131227_n Welcome Stephen Matthew Stringer!  He is about 2 minutes old in this picture!  Congrats to Stringer and Sarah!

Four rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
50 Squats

Post time to comments.

Compare to 090709.


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  1. awwwww

  2. what a handsome boy congrats…I am ready for a cigar!!!!!!!

  3. Adorable. Get that boy a CrossFit onesie!
    SO if it is raining, we are rowing and there is an alt. WOD.

  4. Congrats Stringer and Sarah!!! What a cute little boy!!!

  5. So cute! Congrats Stringer & Sarah – can’t wait to meet him!

  6. Trey Kubacak says

    2030 Crossfit Games Champ????

  7. Yay! Another Crossfit boy!!! Soooooo handsome:) Congratulations – and now the fun begins . . . . . . . .

  8. bsawkins says

    Congratulations Stringer Family! Great News.
    I’ll be seeing all the crew at lunch. Running in the rain…just like being back in the U.K.

  9. Congratulations Stringers… That hat and burrito wrap brings back a lot of memories.

  10. Awesome. Congrats, Stringer’s. Thank GOD the kid looks like his mother..ha ha…beautiful baby. Can’t wait to meet him in person.

  11. Hey Pebbles, can you tell me what the ALT WOD is today. Would appreciate it. Thanks.

  12. congrats Stringers.
    campbell…what’s your email address?

  13. Campbell says

    Great picture of the baby. Congrats again.
    I’m coming in now. Hopefully someone’s working out after the lunch crew. Otherwise I’ll do it in the parking lot.

  14. Hey Campbell,
    JT and I are playing at Echelon tomorrow at 1pm…you want to play with us?

  15. or anybody else? first come first serve

  16. Campbell says

    Thanks guys. We’ve got a little road trip planned after the 8am class tomorrow. I’ll be out of town until Sunday.

  17. Fun 5:00 class. We did a SEAL wod as the alt wod today, good workout. Nice having Tom from San Jose stop by for a visit.

  18. Campbell says

    400M / 50 Squat WOD
    15:26 Rx