Friday – 5:00PM Class moved to 5:15PM for today.


Shoulder Press 3 X 3



Grab a partner and come see what's on the board.


Tomorrow – two events going on.  Join us at No Excuses CrossFit for "A WOD with a Cause".  More info on the link to the left.

Annual Chili Cook-off at Alpharetta Fire Station #1, 2970 Webb Bridge Way in Alpharetta.  11-2pm.  

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  1. great pic…..6 what?

  2. my partner was Hicky…:) great to see her in the gym…did early workout today…83 shoulder press and me and Hicky…team WOD 15:14rx…good luck to everyone tomorrow in the challenge…last night WOD…just a shout out to both Blakes…18 rounds plus …big numbers and I am still impressed….my numbers for the pull ups was 13 rounds plus 10 rx…one day at a time…got 3 in this week….:)

  3. So Meatball is teaching my Friday PM class for me this Spring while Ryan is in baseball but I am going to teach tonight and I will be at the gym before 5pm.

  4. Good workout today, starting to get back into it. Warmed up and then did yesterday’s WOD 19rnds and 15 RX, unfortunately my hands gave out around rnd16 and it obviously became more difficult from there on in. If my hands would just toughen up, I know I can be in the early 20’s.
    Then did Shoulder press at 135 so as not to put too much pressure on the lower back and did the duo WOD with Campbell who carried me. We finished under 12mins RX. I plan on starting properly on Sunday and combining the lifting and WOD’s again as I had been doing before the glitch.