Friday: Happy Birthday Raul!

DSC_0024 HQ Rest Day.


Row 500

30 Wall Balls  ( 20/14 )  then:


3 rounds of

5 tire flips

10 ground to overhead anyhow  (135/95)  then:


10 Muscle Ups        ( sub 20 pull ups 20  ring dips)


Post time to board.


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  1. Good job 6a!
    Doc, Don and Lilly said they liked that WOD!

  2. This wod looks super fun!

  3. This WOD looks like a blast. Who came up with this? Creative.

  4. I was awake at 3:15 am and this came to mind 🙂 Meatball suggested some tire flips today. See you guys later!

  5. It must be catching because I was up at 4:30 and couldn’t get to sleep again

  6. Weird. Raul at the 8:30 class was up at 3:30am too.

  7. I wake up everynight at 3:30, 4:30….good times.

  8. Good workout at lunch today with Blake and Ed. We all went under 15mins with Blake crushing it in 11.11. I just could not get the 10th muscle-up, took me three go’s. LOL!
    Taking the weekend off to recuperate. See you all Monday.