HQ Rest Day. Come see what's on the board.

Cooper and Alex back at it for the summer before off to college this fall.

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  1. Anyone know what the workout is today? Might try to make it in at 5 since Monday was a Holiday.

  2. Hey Affiliate Team. I am e-mailing with a guy named Mark about re-scheduling the WOD. Looks like it is going to be Monday night. I am confused on how many people do the WOD so I will ask James. I know we are against Addiction and it sounds like they have 2 guys and 1 girl in this WOD. ANyhow, STringer and Garrett should do this and if we need a girl it could be any one of us I think.
    Out til Sunday.

  3. 12-9-6-3
    Ring dip
    block run

  4. OK. It looks like we can ALL compete and we will take the top 3 scores. We can decide Monday but everyone get prepared to compete.

  5. I am in for Monday. Where do we do the WOD?

  6. HAGS, I’m out today.

  7. me too…see u monday

  8. Me too. Just a matter of where and when. Hopefully as it’s a Monday night, we’ll be at home first.
    Good workout today. JT, Stringer, I’ll be interested to see if you can beat my time especially as I know you are both stronger deadlifter’s than I am. I only needed to break the set of 9 though (6 then 3) and finished in 9.29Rx. 275lbs gets heavy though.

  9. good work on that WOD…i’m going to try and make up yesterdays AMRAP. What’d you get on that one so that i have something to shoot for 🙂 ?

  10. Ok CFNF team. We will compete Monday night at garage at 7pm!!!! All of us will do the WOD and they will take the top 4 times. At least One of them has to be female. I’ll be back Sunday. We can meet and ride together Monday.
    THEN on Saturday we will host the WOD at our box at 10am.
    Here is my info if u need to contact me but I will Beckie most of the day tomorrow.

  11. PS
    We r against garage and addiction.

  12. 8:09 rx

  13. That is flying. Good work!