For time:
50 Ring Dips
Run 400 meters
50 Push-ups
Run 400 meters
50 Handstand push-ups
Run 400 meters

Push-ups are honest push-ups. Handstand push-ups are "nose to floor".

Post time to comments.


I had to post this pic!  Little Jacked Stack Jr was sitting here watching two kids playing on the rings. 

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  1. That face!!!!!

  2. Where’s my juice-box daddy?

  3. I love that pic. He was sooooo ready to get in those rings.
    Trego…I am sorry but I have to bail on 10am work out. Collin is having a rough week at school and I am going to go up to his school this am. Sorry for the late notice and this rarely happens.
    I am heading to Columbia SC and then to Augusta to help at Coach Burgener’s Oly lift seminar with Pistol. See you guys next week.

  4. PS. Nice work at 6am Andrea. Great to have you at CFNF.

  5. I bet Ryan is thinking wish I would have brought my guac and chips with me to the gym…followed by someday I will get to go to crossfit kids class!!!! Until then I will just sit.

  6. Yeah JPO, I’m sure that is exactly what he is thinking.
    Those HSPU’s sucked a@#! Good luck to everyone getting your nose to the floor….G-dog shouldn’t have much of a problem though!
    Thanks Miguel for pushing me today…you are an animal!

  7. Thanks breeze, it was a pleasure workout out with you and Amanda.
    My shoulders are good done for the week.

  8. I agree with Breeze Gdog these HSPU are your thing!!!!

  9. The push-ups in between were rough, but the handstand push-ups were a beast.. I am a box hspu girl but pistol rx’ed this one…my hero…

  10. Breeze, he really does love guac and chips and just know that when CF has an ear to the floor excercise you will smoke it !

  11. Am I retired or not ? Anyways the P3’s or aka (pull up palm protecters) are one dollar a pair. So do not buy any gloves , because they are on the desk. Don’t forget to bring your money! If their too expensive for you go to Dick’s and by regular gloves for twenty dollars.

  12. Great job to the 6:30 group.
    Going to take tomorrow off and do some recovery work. Look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

  13. I’ve gotta give some cred to Michael for doing some really hard PUs, he def upscaled this WOD the way he did his PUs.

  14. Why does some dude’s crotch keep showing up next to Ed’s comments?