Fight Gone Bad September 26th, 2009! One Day. One Cause. One Brutal Workout.

DSC_0003Griffin gets creative to add more weight.

HQ Rest Day.  CFNF Alt WOD:

1 Snatch – 10 OHS  (95,70)
15 burpees
15 ball slams

5 Rounds for time.


It was nice to finally meet Robert Redford courtesy of Loving Hands Animal Clinic!

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  1. that’s one of those pictures that should be featured on the HQ site. badass.

  2. I agree. That cat is pretty badass. 😉

  3. Those are both GREAT pics! Way to go Allen. I heard you and Hawe were doing that.
    This work out took me like 30 minutes scaled. The entire 6 am crew beat me!!!! If some one could hold an OHS clinic for me that would be great. I seem to have lost it.
    I really don’t know what else to say about that but great job 8:30 am and welcome back Keith.

  4. Man I wish I could make it in for this one. Pebbles, I will join you on the OHS practice whenever you want. See everyone on Saturday.

  5. Where is everyone tonite? One person at 5:30 and nobody at 6:30! Slackers!
    If you haven’t made your donation for FGB please do so by Saturday. Click on the red FGB button on the front page of our website. Last I checked we have raised over $1300. Well done CFNF!… get your butts in the gym!