3 sets X 5 reps

Met Con:

Heavy Fran


Thrusters (135,95)
Pull Ups

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  1. I love today. Bring it!

  2. Stringer says

    i may meet pukie today

  3. I had waves of Pukie trying to get through Fran – hell, I only used 95lbs. Pistol added in a set of 1×15 deadlifts at the end of the 3×5 BEFORE Fran. I was shot before I started and I think it took me 14min and change. Miserable.
    Hey Xena, awesome job on the DLs this AM. BTW, your bike is fixed. 🙂

  4. Keelow, Really??? Thank you soooooo much, I was so drained this morning, I walked right out and forgot that you said you’d take a look at it! I really appreciate it!!! And you did amazing yourself!!!

  5. Wow! That was a challenge.
    245 on the deads and then my shaky legs did heavy
    Fran. 13 something RX. Used 173 for 1 x 15.
    All I could think about was REST DAY tomorrow!

  6. Stringer says

    really enjoyed the lunch time workout. 412 on the deads and 8:56rx on heavy Fran…that was a whole new level of hurt today!

  7. Aint that the truth. Could have been one toughest combination WOD’s ever. Sweet work Stringer. Those numbers will be tough to beat.
    370 DL and 10:10 on Fat Fran. Nice having Hawe for the WOD and as much as it pains me Breeze did a nice job and beat me on Fat Fran (although he did not do the RX weight on the pull ups)

  8. Damn; that’s impressive. I couldn’t handle fat Fran – I went home with her skinny twin sister @ 95lbs. Still hurt me way too much.
    Just curious…Breeze, Stringer & GDog – what % of your body weight is Fat Fran’s 135lbs? At 150lbs, it’s 90% for me. 95lbs was 63%.

  9. Wow. You guys did awesome. And I really mean that.

  10. For me it was 56%,

  11. Stringer says

    around 60%…no matter how you slice it 45 135lb thrusters is heavy. Just think…next time we grab the 95lb Fran we will smoke it. I want a 3:30 fran by end of Summer.

  12. Since I weighed in at 128 this morning (this paleo shit works) that makes it about 106% for me.

  13. That’s insulting to those of us that actually do weigh that much.

  14. austinmclean says


  15. It is heavy and the more you weigh, the more you have to PULL UP! Lucky for Brad he is so slim and trim.