Happy Birthday, Sammy!

"CrossFit Total"  

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep
Post total to comments.

OR if you do not already have a damn good idea of what your 3RM is, then the following:

block run
20 pull ups/20 kb swings (35,53)
block run
20 push ups/20 dips
block run
20 squats/20 lunges (each leg)
block run
20 sit ups/20 KTE
block run
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  1. Cool WOD. I am going to get one more in before heading to NY for 9 days. I am going to “total” after we finish Strength Bias in 2 weeks.

  2. DJ. THANK U FOR THE CD!!!! Awesome. I really appreciate it and so will everyone in the gym who is sick of “skate music” 🙂

  3. Back from the islands….still nursing a sore back but will be in this week!
    Thanks for the B-day banner on the site…ya’ll are the best.

  4. Happy Bday Sammy!

  5. You’re welcome. Don’t let em knock the old school!

  6. I’m sure every ones totals will be surprisingly high.

  7. I’m def interested in hearing this mix from Craig. Great job Scruffy on your DL today!

  8. It’s not a mix… The computer I used to mix with died last week. The DVD I gave Pebbles is just a compilation of old school skating rink, booty, and Miami bass. I can make copies if anyone wants them. Send an email to craig.dj55@gmail.com if you do.

  9. I have just synced it to my iPhone AND CrossFit iPod. Everyone expect some way cool old school when I get back. I loved the “back in the day mix” on Pistol’s iPod. Played it all week last week ;).
    I will miss you all!!! I may sneak in for a quick 6am WOD before we take off…if not…see you all July 10.

  10. Happy Birthday!