Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.   Alt WOD will be yesterdays WOD.  Burpee Challenge day 57. 

ATTN:   Hicky's fight is on the 13th.  Purchase your tickets now! 

ATTN:  CrossFit Ladies White Elephant gift partaayy is December 17th at Pebble's house.  Bring a $15 gift (and wrap it, will ya!) and come hang out with the girls.  RSVP to Pebbles by Friday.

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  1. Love Clean and Jerk.
    Still working on technique. 118lb. Up 5lb from last time at least.
    I also LOVE Ring Push Ups. May be back tonight to get in on those!

  2. Ladies… send me your e-mail at christy@maximumpotentialkids.com so I can add you to the E-Vite with more details ihcluding directions.

  3. Alright … just a post to let everyone know that Hicky caught me today and made me bleed… FIRST time ever.. So needless to say she was pretty happy !!!!! Sure hope you don’t miss this fight; as she wants to bring home the WIN… We are counting on you guys to share in this experience… For those of you at the gym this morning that witnessed the blood…What happens at Crossfit stays at Crossfit…Did you see the look on Hicky’s face and her demeanor…PRICELESS.. Now Hicky, let’s KICK some arse!!!!

  4. Way to go Hicky!!!!!!

  5. Haha… yes I did see blood this morning!!! It wasn’t much, but it was there! I did a little happy dance πŸ™‚
    I’m very excited for my fight this Saturday. You can get your tickets at the gym… $30.. and I’ll make sure you get your money’s worth! There’s no age limit, so bring your families… mine will be there. Yay! And then the after party will be at my house… the address is 765 Old Saddle Lane, Alpharetta. Hope you can make it. It should be a very good night!!!
    Also, for those of you that don’t know, I’m going travelling for a few months. I leave next Tuesday… Make sure you get in the gym this week so I can give you a hug goodbye before I leave. I’m going to miss all you you very much and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on our progress. If you don’t have facebook, get it!

  6. Michael…how did your SEAL Challenge event g this week-end?

  7. Pebbles,
    SEAL Challenge is this Saturday at Weselyan.
    Katie and I have signed up for the 9:40 am time slot. If anyone else would like to join visit SEALfitnesschallenge.com.
    Should be a fun event and a great way to market CrossFit North Fulton.
    For those interested, the event consists of the following events:
    500yd swim (Using breast stroke of sidestroke)
    10 min rest
    Max Pushups in 2min
    2 min Res
    Max Situps in 2min
    2 min rest
    Max Pullups- No time limit
    10 min Rest
    1.5 Mile Run
    I think I should do ok on everything except the swim since I am not a great at the breaststroke and rarely use sidestroke.

  8. Sounds awesome. I think I would do better at swimming than running but I have never swam for time. Good luck you two. I am not going to make it this time. Sounds awesome though!!! PLEASE let me know how it goes. I think I will check out how many sit ups and ush ups I can do in two minutes on my own. I am curious. probably need to time my 1.5 mile run too. ANy one have a sun dial???? (I stole that one form Garrett’s high school coach)
    Kick A$$! Have fun.

  9. Can you kip/buttfly the PUs?

  10. A note on the event!
    Push Ups – You can’t get on your knees to rest your arms. You have to either stick your butt in the air or keep your arms strait with your back sagged towards the ground. You are also unable to shake one arm out with one still on ground.
    Situps – hands must be locked behind your head but someone will be either standing or kneeling on your feet.
    Pull Ups – No kipping allowed

  11. Austin McLean says

    Hey Brad, the ACC has 10 teams in the Post Season. More than any other conference.
    Figure you could hold on to that little bit of hope.
    SEC came in and to be honest who really cares about everyone else…