DSC_0009  Christy Trego achieved her goal for 2009.  She got her first pull up.  Only she did it on December 31st, 2008.  She's going to aim higher in 09.  What are your goals?

500 m row or 400 m run
7 rounds of:
10 med ball cleans
10 thrusters


500m row or 400m run at the end

Post time to comments.

Murph will also be on the board for those of you that want the punishment.

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  1. Hey…what time are some of you guys working out today? Blake? Michael?
    GND or Katie may possibly do Murph at 4:30 if anyone is interested.

  2. WTH, I’ll do Murph. But misery loves company. Who’s with me?
    Taylor, it was great to meet you this morning. Look forward to seeing you around this week!

  3. I am NOT doing murph but plan to be in at 4:30.

  4. Austin McLean says

    I was originally planning on coming back in town today but there were still some faces I needed to see so it got pushed back till tomorrow!
    The people are Firebase do there own programming so I have missed out on some fun ones it seems. hope everyone has a great new year! I will be in for the sunday morning class hope to see some people.

  5. Great job to all of you doing the main site WOD today.I think Trey said it best when he said”you just hit a wall with that work out”
    There are rumors of more people interested in doing Murph today and tomorrow. You guys need to post on the site what your plans are so you can hook u.
    GND…good luck with this rain…don’t know if it is going to be a great Murph Day for you but I will be there to cheer you on all the way if you do.

  6. If most people who actually want to do Murph would rather go tomorrow than today, then by all means I can save my Murph motivation until tomorrow. If possible, I’d rather not fly solo on that workout 🙂
    Regardless, I’ll be around at 4:30. See you then!

  7. I will try and be in at 8am tomorrow and give Murph a shot. It would be my first. Can you say “Slow Motion Murph”?

  8. I need help! I am having MAJOR motivation issues due to this stupid shoulder… See you guys tomorrow?

  9. Way to go everyone.
    Michael, GND and Trey were nutty enough to do the clean and jerk WOD this am and come back for Murph this m. Way to go guys.
    Nice to see everyone else, especially Justin. I like your dance moves.
    Way to go Sniper on those clean and jerks.
    Nice to meet you James and JT.
    See you guys tomorrow.

  10. Great job Katie and Trey. My body hates me right now after doing two intense workouts. Finally, complete Murph as prescribed which is a big accomplishment considering my first time I did about 75% of the workout in the same time I completed it today.
    Big thanks to Pebbles for keeping the gym open during Brad and Kim’s vacation. You did an excellent job directing classes and coaching especially the clean and jerk workout.
    Not sure if I am going to be in tomorrow but if not look forward to seeing everyone next week.