CFNF will be closed Wednesday at 1:30pm and Thursday.


Congratulations Big Ed for completing your Level 1 CrossFit Cert this weekend.

HQ Rest Day.  Make up a missed workout or come see what's on the board.

Tee Shirt Virtual edited   We will be making a shirt order by January 15th. Shirts must be prepaid. See Kim or Brad to order.

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  1. Thanks Kim! I was telling everyone there about you getting your butterfly PU.
    Marc, where r u? When r u in to train? I hung out with a guy from Force this weekend, very well trained and a friend of Col. Ripley’s son. C ‘ya ltr.

  2. Hey, Big Ed made in on the main page (sort of).
    In the middle photo.

  3. Austin McLean says

    How can you miss Big Ed?! Smack in the middle throwin up the duece. Congrats Ed, I am sure you saw that it is just as much fun as it is tough. How many beers did you have after each day? I am pretty sure I finished a 12 pack between the two days.
    And I see you got to meet my gf Nicole from HQ. HA!

  4. Dude, Nicole is Mine! After the cert I talked to Nicole for a bit and I def. felt a connection. I had more beer than you (~16 beers in 2 nights). I got more tips for you after talking to some guys there that have earned their tab. Yeah, I made sure to do my peace sign so u guys couldn’t miss me. I should also thank you, Kim and Brad for getting me prepared.

  5. Matthew Queen says

    Thanks a lot for letting me get in a WOD today. I had a great time and really love the dogs. Max is uber friendly.

  6. Travis and Ashley says

    Brad and Kim, thanks for the private today for the family. The oldtimer could barely walk down the stairs! I’m working on bringing him back.

  7. I’m in for a t-shirt, please! Small – I’ll bring moola tomorrow.
    Nick & Simone – it was fun working out with you guys tonight. My hands were re-initiated tonight and I’m back to being band-aid girl.

  8. Thanks Peggy. It was a pleasure working out with you two tough ladies.
    Austin: What time are you coming in on Christmas?
    Anyone else super non-excited about Eva tomorrow?