Bradmu Breeze works on his muscle up. 

Three rounds for time:
4 HSPU – Head to Floor
8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
12 Deadlifts (195,135)
16 Box Jumps

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  1. looks good breeze!
    is today’s wod the one the girls in the main site video are doing?

  2. Nice MU Beeerad. Way to go with the vest.
    Looks like a great WOD. We don’t know what we are in for at Urban CrossFit today. Craig doesn’t follow the main site exactly and writes WODs for a 5 on 2 off plan. It’s a very nice gym he’s got out here. G-dog and I are going back this evening after work.
    Seattle is great but I miss you all!
    Yay burpees, push ups and double unders.

  3. Looking good Brad!
    The workouts have been fun this week – this one, too, (with the exception of box jumps – ugh).
    Anna – will you be there tonight?

  4. Brad you look awful in this picture….just wanted to say that so your head does not get to big from these post!

  5. what the heck time do you get up??? this thing was posted at 5am!!! muscle ups at 5am don’t sound like a way I’d want to start my day…LOL

  6. Hey Peggy, so sorry I had to run before you finished last night! But I will be there tonight.
    For those who asked for the update, had my appt this morning and you can imagine my relief that I do NOT need surgery! If the hernia were BELOW my belly button, I would. And I can get back to crossfitting as usual (no more frowny faces) because I’m not in any danger though it is uncomfortable with some movements (he said it’s my call).
    Also, for future reference (I researched this and had it verified with the surgeon), lifting weights/working out does not CAUSE a hernia. In most cases it has probably been there from birth (the weakness or hole) and a muscle strain in that area after lifting/working out merely draws your attention to it.
    Don’t let anyone tell you crossfitting/lifting CAUSES hernias. Plenty of research to support this. 🙂

  7. Yay! Glad you don’t need surgery!

  8. Thank you JPo! I cant stopping looking at my forehead…thought I had more hair than that…damn

  9. I understand! i will bring you some of that spray hair…we can fill that in no problem! Also why did Kim not photoshop you!

  10. Breeze, I was looking at your legs…not your hair …great muscle-ups..Fun workout today..Pistol killed it, of course. My time was 11:46rx..I finally got those hand -stand push-ups…but the deadlifts slowed me down..Overall, I am happy with my time..especially since I had just finished sparring with Hicky who stepped up her game today..Good work today Hicky..Looking forward to the beach..

  11. That wod was super fun! 6:12 or 13 for me. I wanted it in the 5 zone but it just wasn’t happening. Nice job, Hagler!

  12. Man, what the heck are you doing at 5am..If I read the posting time right? Holy cr@#!p. Muscle Ups before most humans are even awake!

  13. Brad isn’t even thinking about getting outta bed at 5am! I took that photo a couple of days ago!

  14. funny

  15. HQ WOD / scaled/ Did Not F****** Finish.
    THAT’S why I’m not going to the qualifier.

  16. OPT did not finish this workout either, the first time it came up.

  17. Anna – great news on your hernia. To you and to anyone else: I’ve had hernia repair surgery if this topic is of “interest” or concern.