_DSC0008 _DSC0037 Breeze and Pebbles did a great job this weekend at the Dirty South Regional Qualifiers!

Five rounds for time of:
95 pound Sumo-deadlift high-pull, 21 reps
21 Ring dips

Post time to comments.

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  1. Pebbles and Brad where on the field all day Saturday, and most of the day on Sunday. Being out on a field with no shade and a hot Florida sun all day sucks. Just being a spectator made me come home tired 🙂
    You guys did awesome!

  2. It was an awsome weekend!!!! can’t wait for next year! Miguel and Martine have fun in Florida and thanks for the ride to the airport!

  3. Thanks Miguel. It was inspiring and I learned a lot.(and my nose is BURNT!)
    I’m ready to get my game on and take it to the next level for sure.
    In general, all of the athletes were well mannered and gracious and very inspiring. There was quite a bit of talent
    in JAX.
    Thanks for the ride home Brad, Kim and Jacob and I am bringing Elmo saves Christmas in for proof
    that it is a movie. AND Brad is still up with 4 cows at cow poker.

  4. That was fun to watch…there were some real MONSTERS out there! It was good seeing you guys again. I was proud of you, Kim! Hopefully I can join you next year. I wish I could have come out Sunday, but I had to go to the beach and get about the worst sunburn of my life. haha
    I’ll try to make it up to CFNF soon.

  5. It was definitely inspiring. ITA with Pebbles, it makes me want to get to the gym as much as possible and just try and rock those WODs with as much as I’ve got. And we should so take at least one team there next year. I know with the talent we have, we’d do really well.

  6. It was a totally fun weekend!! We are still having fun. It really is beautiful here and, just as an FYI for anyone interested, the Amelia Island Plantation is an awesome place to stay.
    Oh, and you’re welcome Jpo. 🙂

  7. Xena agrees with Martine! Altho I would probably agree with just about anything Martine says as long as she’ll let me hold Sam. . . .
    The Dirty South was definitely inspiring to say the least. To see these elite athletes (Kim being at the top of the elite!) doing
    the same WODS to some degree that we do here but at such an intense level was inspiring yet humbling.
    It definitely makes you want to step up your game. And we totally should have more people there next year!!
    Brad and Pebbles, you were awesome volunteers, I know those were two looong days for you. Hopefully the Yuengling and
    Firefly Vodka helped at the end of the day:)
    J-Po, I heart you!

  8. Xena! Miguel got you a shirt!!! And thanks for you and Nitro taking me to eat on Saturday! I think you saved my life! hahahah

  9. Pistol
    What a weekend. You were amazing and after all of the hard work you put in, you deserve a standing ovation from all of us at CFNF. You went through a lot and I can say that you lasted much longer than most people would have. I think you earned a lot of respect from the athletes that attended.
    Great job. You are an inspiration to us all.

  10. Oh and is just me or does it look like Breeze is looking at that guys A$$ in that picture ???
    Just sayin

  11. Great job 545 class. Wish the pinched nerve in my shoulder did not flare up during the 3rd round for the second straight DNF WOD of the week. Looks like I will need to scale back for the time being.
    Issac, Peggy, and Gdog, you all did great.

  12. Reading these post really wish I was there..I am so sorry I missed it..Pistol, I know you are amazing; as I aspire to be like you….the wonderful words from your peers is priceless..I would love to try and compete next year and stand beside you !!! I feel blessed to find not just a “box/gym” but a family.. I can’t imagine how Pistol and Breeze would describe what they have created..CFNF really helped me much more than physically..Thanks again for allowing me to be a part..