Barbell Seminar Tomorrow at 10:00am to 12:00pm


Miss Jones works on her chest to bar pull ups.

HQ Rest Day.

Alt WOD Courtesy of Pebbles:

20 Shoulder Press (95,65)
30 box jumps (24in)
40 double unders
20 push press (95,65)
30 box jumps
40 double unders
20 push jerk (95,65)
30 box jumps
40 double unders
Post time to comments.

 Tomorrow there will be no 10:00 WOD.  We will be hosting a Barbell Seminar from 10 to 12, taught by Arin Cannechio.  The cost is $10.00.  Please bring cash.
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  1. 6am was kicking A$$. Kevin, I have never seen 95# move so fast. Great job to Doc, Don Mike and Keith. Keith it is great to have you with us.
    6am claims this is a “ball buster”. Come see what YOU think!

  2. Trying to get a final count for the Braves game on Fri June 26. Please let Katie know by tomorrow morning.

  3. I’m good for 2 for the Braves game. IF I end up having to go out of town you guys can give my tickets away. But as of now, I’m in town and would love to go.

  4. more friggin’ legs?!?!?

  5. so far for the braves game i have:
    Andy’s +1
    Big Ed
    Peaches (?)
    I’m looking into group tickets – if we have over 20 people, the prices drop a bit. Looks like they would be in the $20 range, give or take a few dollars, depending on where we sit and how big the group is.
    So think about it, and let me know by tomorrow morning. I’ll be at the gym for the barbell thing until 12. Hope to see you all there!

  6. ben, i got you too.

  7. you too shandy, join the party.

  8. Pizza, beer, and shenanigans at Brooklyn Joes at 715, open invite. If interested, show your face

  9. Great workout Pebbs! I shoulda known you’d make some stuff up with shoulder work…..Really was an awesome all around wrkt….what made it tough for me was a bum leg and the fourth day in a row!
    15:32 R to the X
    Errbody have an awesome weekend.

  10. I can’t wait to do this WOD!
    Great work everybody.Great time Sammy. JT toped the board to with 14 something. Nice!
    Sorry bout the legs! Maybe shoulda saved that one for another day but thought it was pretty much all over body work like you said Sammy.
    See ya tomorrow.
    PS. I saw this somewhere but not sure where so i didn’t author this one!