5 Rounds for time:

5 Clean & Jerk (155,105)
7 Pistols each leg
9 Pull Ups


1 mile run

Post time to comments.

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  1. i just want to say that crossfitters know how to party. i’m expecting a huge hangover later in the day but i’ll be in later tonight to do this beast of a wod.(pebbles, got your fb message, can’t wait to talk to you about it! see you tonight)

  2. Hey, I saw “Barbara” on the corporate site this morning. Do we have that as an optional WOD today? I was really hoping to try it.

  3. Austin McLean says

    that one looks like a smoker!

  4. Thanks Pistol for adding the run….need to do that more!

  5. Wow! Great form this morning! Xena, you rocked it this morning and Nitro, you sexy beast, you have graduated to a heavier weight next time! Gdog you have a beautiful clean! Sammy, good to see your chin over the bar! Scruff, you jerk it so well…

  6. Sweet WOD!!!

  7. Thanks Pistol. That class from CJ a few months ago really helped.
    Pistols…not to be confused with our lovely pistol…SUCK. Dumbest exercise ever….EVER!

  8. pistol.
    today’s WOD hurt.
    but hurt so good.
    thanks! i’ve lifted so little since the surgery that i really don’t know what i can + can’t do.
    i may come in before or after a class + play with the weights + we can set some new goals.
    Xena: you did rock. damn, b!tch!
    Gdog: you need to show every one your clean . . .
    Scruff: dude, can you jerk outside around back?
    nitro (the i don’t know my own strength) bomb

  9. also, kudos to Xena for rocking the weekend:
    on Sunday morning, she did a 3-4 mile run, that included the beach + running path.
    i went to McDonald’s for an egg biscuit.
    on Monday, she did “Cindy” in our condo, rocked 18 rounds.
    i slept.
    nitro the (i really suck + my wife rocks) bomb

  10. Great job on the C&J G-dog! Xena…you are my hero!

  11. I do pullups the same everyday, everyway!
    I agree with G….pistols are the gayest sh$% I ever seen! I said pistols not Pistol!

  12. Awesome workout. I agree with Sammy and Garrett about pistols (Note the plural form). Other than looking like a complete goof ball on pistols, the workout was a blast.

  13. Nice work to everyone who did this WOD. WTG Meatball and GND AND Pistol RX.
    Brad Up yours and at least I can snatch 93 5 times…….