Back to the Grind! Regular Class Times!

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Back to the grind!  The roads are passible so let's get our WOD on!


Five rounds of:
20 GHD Sit-ups
5 Push jerk

Michelle Kinney 5:52 with 115lbs, Kim Malz 6:41 with 115lbs, Michelle Benedict 7:01 with 105lbs, Kristan Clever 8:55 with 160lbs, Rob Orlando9:07 with 230lbs, Rebecca Voigt 10:58 with 155lbs. 
Post load and time to comments.


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  1. Now I know why J.T. says Box Jumps are his favorite exercise.

  2. Grab your balls and your box…going to be crowded tomorrow…….see everyone at lunch..not looking forward to seeing that scale!!!

  3. Speechless really.

  4. some song by the divinyls I think. LOL! Another ploy by JT to put Bostic off there, Bostic’s not actually jumping, he’s shrugging in an effort to look away – the sheer hideousness. Great Pic.

  5. Alt. WOD was great. Really hard work on the gluts for sure.
    Used 100lbs. I really liked this WOD. Good one Pistol.
    Good work Hags.
    See ya’ll tomorrow.

  6. what’s the ALT WOD btw? Got OLY to do, but need a good met con after

  7. 5 Rounds
    20 sit ups
    5 Push Jerk
    20 Roman Lunges (which is a stationary lunge on each leg with the barbell in the rack position.) Pretty tough.
    Row 15 cal.
    Took me 17 something with 100lbs

  8. Wow, I misread the WOD- thought it said GND sit-ups. Miss you snow bunnies, it actually was cold this morning here in Ft. Lauderdale- dropped from 80 on Tuesday down to 45 this morning….brrrrrr. Hagler, you better have made it in at lunch- I want a report.
    Take care guys- see you next week.

  9. Oh I did the WOD….it was quite ugly….I cursed at the roman lunges…numerous times….I did 83 pounds and it took me 40 min and some change…liked all aspects EXCEPT lunges….got some work to do…DEFINITELY got fat and slow over the holidays….day TWO of 2011….awful…hope to see u soon Scruff….pistol…I hate you for this WOD…and pebbles you are my hero!!!

  10. “The ladies go crazy for my sugar lumps.”

  11. Thanks to Kim for keeping the gym open this afternoon so that I could come in and lift with her. Helped a ton.
    See you all tomorrow at lunch.

  12. Back in for a lunch time WOD…felt great. Looking forward to being able to do upper boody stuff soon.

  13. I don’t know WOD before. Thanks for this information!