Annimal Ann-imal from CrossFit North Atlanta weighs her options….

HQ Rest Day.  Alt WOD:  Fran

Want to know your power output for a WOD?  Check this out!

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  1. Looks like Annimal is getting 2 big servings of manly man tonight. Look at her smile!

  2. Baxter had fun this morning as always! Great job 6a class!

  3. Looks like Ann won two Emmys…..or two Eddys

  4. 7:54 Rx for my first Fran. JT smoked me at 5:41. The difference is that he knocked out his pullups & I struggled mightily. Oh well, just as long as I beat Stringer

  5. Happy Birthday Anna!

  6. 10:24 rx last night and I will pass out before I lose to JT…

  7. Fran cough……4:39Rx Great job Campbell & Jt! Happy Birthday, Anna!

  8. Wow – you killed it!

  9. nice work…way to embarrass Campbell and I

  10. She can also deadlift you two so watch out. Just saying…

  11. we’ll see tough guy…could we get a counter on Stringer tonight?

  12. Funny you say that pistol counted every rep last night!

  13. hey! thanks peggy!

  14. 4:47 rx

  15. Happy Birthday Anna.
    Good Fran times today!