Pull Ups

Notice: Today is the Roswell Women’s Health and Fitness Expo in the Roswell Square.

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  1. wild thing says

    Nice Hair!! I think I almost look good in that picture!!
    Whose is interested in doing another BODYFAT loss CHALLENGE? This one could be a little longer than the last one say start now until Dec 31st that way we start off the 2009 already in tip top shape. $100 to throw your name in? That $1000 prize was just the motivation I needed to eat right!! Enough of my friends, Char, Martini, chips & salsa, etc….!!! Let me know and we can get it coordinated!!!

  2. Jenners got her first pull up today!!! Well, actually she got 2, but I missed them, so she just whipped out 2 more!! Well done Jen!

  3. I want to second the congrats on Kirtley’s pull ups today.
    She just kinda hopped on the bar and busted out a few like shes been doing them all along. Nice lookin kip too.

  4. Kim, your hair does look very good on you! Thanks Jenny, Jpo, Hicky, Brad & Hagler for helping me out today! Thanks to Xena, Nitro & Nadlers for making it out to visit. Congrats to Jenny Kirtley for getting her first pull ups! I’m sorry I missed it.
    Garrett: Up yours!

  5. ps Nadler, I will do a bodyfat competition with you. Anybody else? You have to put in $100 bucks, we can categorize male/female. Winner takes all.

  6. Great job to everyone at the 10 am workout.
    A big thanks to Austin for working with me on OHS.

  7. Oh yeah, and thank you Michael & Simone for coming out!

  8. About the body fat competition –I’m thinking about it.

  9. Way to go Jenny!
    Is the competition whoever loses the most body fat?