1st Time Muscle Ups Worth 10 Points!!!


Winos still in the lead by 10 but the Keggers are strongly closing the gap!!!  Get a 1st time muscle up and get your team 10 points!

Deadlift 11000/8000 lbs   –   Example:  225lb dl for 49 reps (mens)  or 185 dl for 60 reps (mens).  You pick the weight


21 HSPU/400m run 
15 HSPU/400m run
9 HSPU/400m run

Post time/smack talk to comments.


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  1. Looks a lot better than walking on hands for 100 feet…Hey Ed you may want to reserve the ladies bar for deads…

  2. no prob, ladies bar it is

  3. This. sounds. awesome.

  4. That can’t be the CFNF board…. I saw somebody named Hagler goes to THAT gym.

  5. Way to go Peaches yesterday! Nice job on bringing it! I thought when I tied Hicky I was good for 1st or second. Good to see you in the game.
    Garrett Butch can get a muscle up! Make sure to get on his ass Winos!

  6. Where were all my fellow Winos this morning? C’mon! I did coffee tequila shots last night and I made it in! Winos unite!!!

  7. come on Katie, we need you!

  8. i have a feeling that alcohol is in my future tonight…my body is aching…happy hour?

  9. Hate to use the blog for this, but does anyone have a crib laying around collecting dust? Or any other misc baby items they would like to get rid of? Preemie clothes would be really, really fabulous!
    Bill & I are in training now(you think crossfit it tough…work with the county) to become foster parents and I am trying to get my ducks in a row. Yes, I know we are nuts but we are extremely excited!
    Give me a call or email.thanks bunches!
    Gigi aka Mama Gigi
    p.s Pistol has my # – don’t like posting on a blog

  10. This sounds like it would be a good team workout. I think I’d like to split my reps with someone!

  11. Gigi that is soo exciting…i only have baxters clothes and I’m not sure they would work for a preemie! But I will keep my eyes and ears open for you! Miss you!

  12. does it count for the muscle up if micheal put me up on the rings and left me there to die? hahahah

  13. OUCH!!!

  14. I just miss you Hagler, thats all!!!

  15. ask and you shall receive!
    thanks to all the screams of encouragement tonight … and for the last YEAR as i’ve worked on it.
    i think someone owes me $10.

  16. wow – congrats Katie – you deserve it! (even though it sucks that you got 10 points for the juvies)… proud of you!

  17. 2 Kegger MU’s tonight! Way to go Katie and Milliron! Awesome job…and there at least 3 more that could get one by the end of the challenge.

  18. Congrats to Katie and Jason on getting their MUs tonight! Great night for the Keggars!

  19. C’mon Winos….we need a Muscle Up!

  20. Awesome job tonight, Katie and Milliron!! Congrats on your muscle up, I can only hope that I’ll be there sometime this year. And way to go James for taking first in Men’s scaled! Must be a family thing.
    Also, thanks for everyone’s well wishes and support while I was preparing for my physical fitness assessment. I passed it this morning and had my interview this afternoon, so I should know how that went in a week or two.

  21. Yea Katie and Jason!

  22. YEAAAAAAAHHHHH, Simone!!!!!! I know how hard you worked to lose those last few pounds and on your run and your bench presses and EVERYTHING! That’s so awesome!