10 OHS (135, 95  - barbell must be snatched or cleaned from the floor)
5 muscle ups (or 15 dips, full range of motion on all!)
4 muscle ups (or 12 dips)
3 muscle ups (or 9 dips)
2 muscle ups (or 6 dips)
1 muscle up (or 3 dips)

Post time to comments.

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  1. Sweet! Another awesome pic of me. My ass is so 70’s Big awesome!

  2. Just giggling again this am at the pic! LOVE IT!!!
    A couple of you asked me about my personal blog (not related to gym blog or nutrition blog)
    It is
    I was able to add pictures last night so it is getting more interesting.
    Cool WOD!

  3. oh how I missed overhead squats!!! Fun wod today! Great job 6a class!

  4. Wow, elf’s everywhere……..kinda like a ninja

  5. glad to see your feeling better and back in the game. way to kick that cold’s ass!

  6. Soooo funny! Elf Ed!

  7. It remind me of Elf on the shelf!

  8. Elf Ed…someone needs to put his picture in this

  9. You are all racists.

  10. And commie bastards.

  11. and you are the poster child for 70’s big.

  12. Is anyone doing Fran today? I saw it posted as the master WOD on

  13. I’d like to. I just did ring dips yesterday.

  14. If B-Rad is down with it then I may

  15. If yall are that scared of 135lb OHS it shouldn’t be a problem.

  16. Kim, thanks for the WOD design. The OHS and dips were extremely challenging.
    10:47 scaled( 95# OHS and Dips)
    I am pretty sure people at the YMCA have never seen an OHS before as I was asked by several members what I was doing.