Diane McKinney

Diane McKinney - CrossFit North Fulton Success StoryMy Crossfit journey began in April 2010, when a bone density test
showed a severe degree of Osteopenia/bordeline Osteoporosis. At that
same time I was also stepping into Menopause and dealing with the
physical issues associated with that.
I knew the power walking I was doing was not going to help my bones,
so I decided to begin strength training. When I first walked into
CFNF, I could do a few pushups, but not much else.

I started with the 3 day on/1 day off system at first, even though some days
I was so sore sore it hurt to get out of bed. In the first year at CF I removed
dairy and diet soda. In October of 2011, I was part of the Paleo challenge,
and have stayed with a primarily Paleo diet ever since. I have also given up

In 2011, I competed in in three USAW Olympic Lifting competitions, and qualified for the
Masters World Competition in Greece. I have lost 4 inches on my waist
and my body fat is at 18.5%. I am now training for the CF Open in which
I will be competing in the Masters 50-54 y/o division.

Thanks to everyone at CrossFit North Fulton, I feel better than I ever have inside and out.
I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life. With CF, I know I have no limits !!


I finished 19th in the CrossFit Games Open and competed in the CrossFit Games in Carson California.  What an amazing experience.  I finished in 16th place overall and learned more about myself and what I can achieve through hard work and perseverance.  I look forward to the Games of 2013!


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