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Welcome To CrossFit North Fulton!

700 Hembree Place, Ste. E
Roswell, GA 30076



The Original CrossFit Affiliate in North Fulton!

Workout of the Day

Wednesday Workout of the Day

E5MOM 15 minutes: 12 Barbell reverse lunges/leg 135/95 (6 PER LEG)  6 Glut Ham Raises or Reverse Hypers  20 V ups  With a partner AMRAP 20 minutes:  20 OH lunges w/a barbell (10 per leg 45/35)  15 back squats w/a barbell 45/35  10 burpees  Alternate rounds. Complete an entire round before switching. Share on Facebook

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Allison Strine

At the age of 52, needing desperately to change the way I felt about my body and my soul, I started at Cross Fit North Fulton in February, 2012. Taking that first step into the box was intimidating – wouldn’t they all think I was awful, being so out of shape? I couldn’t even do […]

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