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Welcome To CrossFit North Fulton!

700 Hembree Place, Ste. E
Roswell, GA 30076



The Original CrossFit Affiliate in North Fulton!

Workout of the Day

Saturday Workout of the Day

Buy in: 800m Run, split it anyway. Bootcamp: Hiit: 30s on 30s off X 3 Rounds: (2 min) Battle Rope Slams Plank Med Ball Burpee Push Ups Tire Flips Jumping Lunges Ball Slams Oblique Crunches Cash out: 400m Sandbag Carry each player. CrossFit: In teams of three Row a 5K alternating every 300m. P1 rows […]

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Jacklyn Parks

My relationship with Crossfit NorthFulton started the end of 2009. My best friend was getting married and I didn’t want to be the fat one standing up with her. I went to the crossfit.com site and found an affiliate gym close to my job. I then googled Kim Trego (her email began with kic and […]

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