Yo! Check it!  We had over 140 competitors today from all over the city!  CrossFit North Fulton wins!  I’m sure our belt will make it to our gym next week.  Mike G said he would personally deliver it!  Great work everyone!  Thanks for competing and for bringing it hard!  Look for the photo album soon!

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  1. Kim, Brad and all of CFNF, we had such a great time at your place today. You have a great space and were ever better hosts! Wish we were closer, Kim I’d love to work out with you sometime – I’m sure you’d be my rabbit!
    Brad – good luck with being the ladies’ favorite trainer! We’ll all vote for you!
    Congrats on such a strong showing and taking the belt! Look out for us next time, though, the buzz is starting to sound like we may have home court advantage next! Always good to see you all!

  2. Thank you so much for the great time this morning. Your space is great, and it felt awesome to finally get into the thick of the CF Community. Check out our photo album at CF10.

  3. Brad, Kim, CFNF, Thanks for a first class event today, you all were awesome. Great job on bringing the title home. Best of luck goimg forward!

  4. AWSOME JOB today y’all — so much fun! (not that you’d ever hear me say that about fgb lol)
    Thanks from all of us from CFNA and congrats on winning the belt! πŸ˜‰
    I started uploading pix, look for more to come!

  5. Kim, Brad, and CFNF: Congrats on the win and for having us all up there. Some awesome performances, and it was great to be a part of the challenge – the competition always brings out the best in all of us!

  6. Kim, nice meeting you today and thanks for a great event!

  7. Where to start?
    Brad and Kim, thank you for putting in the time and effort into organizing today’s event.
    To all CrossFit North Fulton participants, congratulations to you all on your performance. I am really proud of each and every one of you. Despite not being able to participate, I had a great time supporting you all and keeping score for the whole event.
    In addition, congrats to Hicky, Scott, Don, and Justin for placing in your workout divisions.
    A big thanks to Simone, Jpo, and Kamilah for assisting with the scorekeeping.

  8. Hey guys…I had a great time today, even though I hate that workout. I don’t think I have said that enough today. You guys did awesome. Congratulations on the win. I promise to hand deliver the belt to you guys.

  9. Chuck- CF East Decatur says

    Brad and Kim – CrossFit North Fulton – Awesome job hosting, you guys made it look easy. Your support team and space are great. Congrats on winning the belt.

  10. Thanks for having us today… great job putting on the event.

  11. First of all, Happy Birthday Kim, yall are the best! We had so much fun today! CFNF Rocked!!! I am doing Rx next time! I rock!!! Love Nadler

  12. Great workout today. Congrats to CFNF on winning and putting on an awesome day. Sorry I had to split early…but really enjoyed the workout. That outside heat always makes FGB challenging.

  13. Eve aka Tonto says

    Congrats to Hicky, Scott, The Donald, and Justin for placing in your workout divisions.
    Congrats to Brad & Kim and “CFNF” for the big win. I hope to be able to participate in the next event. Pistol let me know if the videos turned out!
    Sorry we could not be able to party with you all last night! See you on your birthday “TONTO”.