Yet another good use for the Abmat!  HQ Rest day.  Alt WOD will be posted in the gym.  Burpee challenge day 31.  Buy in 465.


Score as of Tuesday:  Team Devil Dogs 76 – Team Xtreme 74.  Check out todays scores at http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pcrknEpT4ox7-0yngHcKIGQ

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  1. Wow! Jello legs!
    Great butt work out.
    I have been dragging A$$ the past couple weeks, but I am so glad I worked out. I know it is getting to be a busy time of year and it is cold, but I would encourage everyone to just make yourself go if you are slackin! You will be fine once you get there…so just get there.
    WTG Xena and Bam Bam and thanks for the laughs. 7am rocks!

  2. what’s the wod?

  3. A fantastic job was done by all in yesterday’s FGB workout. Keep it up!

  4. I would just like to say that 10-20-30 is a lot harder mentally than 30-20-10…that last round was killing me! But, on the bright side I was very proud of my OHS, they’re getting a lot better.
    Ed, it’s 10-20-30 ball slams (20lb/14lb), walking lunges (w/dumbbells, 20lb/15lb…each leg, so really 20-40-60), OHS (95/65 I think?)

  5. word. i like this wod already. i’m so there at 6:30.
    sarah and kamilah – i would like to see your faces again soon! lately i’ve been spending some quality workout time with the boys… not that i’m complaining about that 🙂 i just miss seeing you two, that’s all!

  6. Kim, the new link color helps out a lot.
    We will see how well a sore neck and 95lb OHS’s mix!
    To everyone who is on team devil dogs. I regret to inform you that the gym will be closed until sunday. I am sorry for the inconvenience but there are some repairs that need to be made on the equipment 🙂

  7. Wow – I’m feeling the love!

  8. peggy! of course i miss your face too, but at least i know your whereabouts and ETA back at CFNF – nov 22, right? the other two are MIA completely, as far as i know.
    really, everyone at this gym should just assume i miss them fiercely, all the time. is that enough love for you?

  9. OK, I’m feeling more love! I emailed Kamilah and will try and call her again tonight to get another update on how she’s doing – I’ll keep you posted!

  10. I definately sucked a** doing this WOD. Sorry Team Devil Dogs. Had to do this one scaled, OHS just don’t click with me for some reason. At least I got a participation point for the team.
    Also, don’t listen to Austin for he can’t be trusted. He’s just a little scared that Team Devil Dogs is leading the competition.
    I agree with Katie that I’m missing Kamilah and Sarah. Would love to see you ladies soon!
    GND, tell lil’ Miss Gibson I will be having a little chat with her soon. I can’t believe she thinks I am a show-off.
    Semper Fi, Ed.

  11. Big Ed,
    I just showed her this comment (she is in my social studies class right now). She knows she’s in touble 🙂

  12. Nice, I can’t wait to see her again. Have her ask the older Panthers if they ever want to “watch tv” with me again. All I have to do anymore with the older girls is to threaten them with “watching tv” and they immediately become silent, excellent students. She should ask the older girls what I used to be like, I’ve kinda’ mellowed out.

  13. This is BigEd “mellowed out”!!! Wow!

  14. my thoughts exactly

  15. No one is scared of Team Devil Dogs…even with our Hicky out of town. Go Team X-TREME!
    (ummm…not sure I even wanna know what “watching TV” means)

  16. Hey, you don’t have to be afraid of Team Devil Dogs. But you should have a healthy dose of respect.
    Believe me, you don’t wanna “watch tv” with me. It’s a core exercise deliberately done in a painful fashion. If anyone can do it longer than I can, then I will be buying that person a beer, maybe 2.
    Mr. DJ, congrats on your 1st MU!
    Go Team Devil Dogs! Great effort so far by everyone. Thanks to everyone for picking up my slack. Stacy and GND rocked it tonight. Pistol had a great time as well. Today the girls owned the gym and us guys were basically trying to keep up! Great job to Hoss as well!
    Semper Fi, Ed.

  17. Watching tv = “Bow’s and Toes”
    Definitely great job everyone today, that one was a doozy, those lunges were a bitch!
    And congrats Craig on the muscle up. I missed the first one so I made him do it again. Nailed it.

  18. I can’t believe I missed the muscle up! You’re gonna have to do it again so I can get it on film! Oh yeah, and congrats!

  19. Thanks Big Ed…prec the props…agree with Austin, those weighted lunges were definitely not the easiest things in the world. Great job to the 6:30 crew…catch the 5:15 crew on the flipside.

  20. As of today Devil Dogs are in the lead. 107 to 94

  21. Thanks for the congrats guys! I had a good coach(Austin). Now if I can only get the butterfly PUs…. Thanks a lot for the Bday dinner Austin! I appreciate it.

  22. so serious…sheesh…