DSC_0159Yesterday's HQ WOD was brutal…Big Ed got closest to Rx, nice job!


Complete three rounds for time of:
Run 800m
155 pound Power cleans, 21 reps

Post time to comments.

Thumb.php This Saturday we will be doing a fundraising WOD to help the families of the four fallen soldiers and thirty wounded of CrossFit Lumberjack at Ft. Hood.  Please make a donation if you can at :  https://www.rapidreghost.com/cfhf/FundraiserPage.php?frID=null

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  1. This WOD looks tough. Can’t wait.
    What time are you working out Pistol and Meatball?
    THANKS to all who attended the gold party. This is such an EASY party and I highly recommend The Golden Girls. http://www.golddoesgood.com They are recommended by Clark Howard. I was SHOCKED at the amount of money I received for junky old gold. At the end of the night I ended up with 430.00.
    If you call them, mention CFNF as a referral and the gym will get 50 dollars.
    We are heading to Wolf Lodge this week-end. Going to see my brother and his family. I am cooking ALL our food to go.We are sticking with our eating plan!!!!

  2. Nevermind. This day is not going to let me work out this am. Going to have to make it in tonight. I am training Walt and Cherie at 6 so see you at the 5:30.

  3. I survived this workout…ran two rounds rowed one..great job as always 6a! Been feeling very slow lately but hey I finished:)

  4. be there at 5:30 tonight…anyone want a shot at the title?

  5. how long do you think this will take you?

  6. shooting for 19 minutes rx…what do you think?

  7. stacy, hicky – when are you guys doing this one?

  8. Wow, this wod was hard! Cleans were easier than anticipated but the runs….those were another story. 26:53Rx

  9. I am just not sure. I have seen on the main site anywhere from 13 to 37 minutes.
    how fast is your 800m? I guess times that by 3 add a little to each one and you will probably need a couple minutes per round for 21 power cleans.
    19 would rock!!!!!
    See you at 5:30.

  10. So far 23:52 is the time to beat. Kim was not lying, that run is no joke and the last set of cleans was brutal.
    Although I was pretty close to meeting pukie Beeeerad kept me going and adjusted my form on the fly. I guess he actually knows what he is doing.

  11. I think I am being very ambitious…3 800’s sounds brutal at the moment

  12. Best thing about Pebble’s Gold Party? Seeing Brad and Garrett sitting next to each other on the luv seat eating carrot sticks and drinking Paleo beer!!

  13. I did the WOD at 11:30….It was rough! I walked up every hill procrastinating the cleans!

  14. WOW did you just say something nice about Brad??? I think I just fell over in my chair!

  15. Agreed it is inspiring to see how well you two have trained your men!

  16. hahahahahahaha!
    Should have taken a picture for the blog.
    Here is how the night went….
    Brad: “Can we eat that?”
    Me: “No sorry. Didn’t have time to cook all Paleo Party food”
    Brad: “well, can we eat that?’
    Me: “nope”
    Brad: “what about this?”
    Me: “nope”

  17. And then Gdog told him you had Paleo beer and his eye lit up like it was Christmas morning!

  18. I knew it!

  19. had fun working out tonight….even though I chased Stringer, James and Tyler the whole time. I liked this WOD. Thank God I can power clean b/c the runs were slow.
    28 something with 105lbs.
    We are headed to Wolf Lodge. Good luck with the Lumberjack!

  20. 20:53 Rx. The 800’s were miserable.