Wow!  Pistol and Hicky were at it hard today!  Each determined to beat the other one.  Breeze and Rainman were goin at it hard too both finishing with 225!  Big day and big PR's!  Hicky got 141 up from 123 last time!  GND up from 108 last time and Jpo up from 58 last time! 

CHECK IT!  Scores   AM:72      Nooners:  87      PM:66Hang Power Cleans

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  1. Of course Breezy did it after I left. Was Rainman really there? That’s shady if I’ve ever seen it

  2. Who is going to be here tomorrow for “Murph”?

  3. I plan on being there.

  4. Murph on a rest day? Wicked.

  5. I did this WOD in my basement. I felt bad about showing up late and letting down the AMers, so I decided to videotape it. I have video evidence of my 225, 235 and 240lb hang power clean. I do not know if it will be accepted, but I tried.

  6. oh man, I’m actually a little sad about missing murph tomorrow. I’m hoping it’s gonna come up next week from HQ.

  7. Well done Allen. That counts in our book. Kim and I are going to take tomorrow off but I believe Ed will be doing the wod at 10.
    For those of you wondering why we are doing Murph tomorrow, blame DD. We drew a name out of a hat and that person picked the wod for tomorrow. DD did not hesitate when he responded with “Murph.” Have fun!

  8. Is tomorrows WOD at 9:00 or 10:00?

  9. 9

  10. Ed,
    I’ll be there for Murph tomorrow at 9..”representin” the nooners. Nasty WOD to do before Church, but at least there’ll be a big post brunch pancake brunch to wash it down with.

  11. I will be there. Had a soccer coach’s course this morning so I couldn’t make it.