DSC_0001  WOW!  Heather, Jpo, Hagler & Jack Hagler all got their first pull ups yesterday!  Congrats!

Happy Birthday Kim Nadler…aka Wild Thing..aka Crazy B!!!!!!!!!

HQ Rest Day.  Come on in for some Navy Seal Hold 'Em.

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  1. Well done to everyone that got their first pull ups! That’s really a big accomplishment. Can’t wait to see everyone again!

  2. Happy Birthday Nadler!!!
    Worried about navy seal hold ’em

  3. happy birthday crazy b!
    i love team workouts. if you want me on your team – i will be there at 5:15 🙂

  4. Katie, you are so sweet! Going in at 8:30!! Next time! Have a great day!

  5. Happy Birthday Nadler. Hope you have a great one!

  6. Hey Wild Thing!!!! Sorry I missed you at 8:30. I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day. Your awesome!!!!
    See ya at 11 Pistol.

  7. Happy Birthday Wild Thing!

  8. Happy Birthday Nadler! Nice “bootie video” this morning!

  9. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!! Breeze, I am a nice girl! What are you talking about?

  10. Can we a get a replay on that bootie video..Soe of us missed it..Thanks..Happy birthday Nadler..

  11. Some..

  12. The video is on you tube nadler…

  13. What’s the difference between Crossfit Hold ’em and Navy Seal Hold ’em?

  14. Looking Good Hagler!!!! I saw those pull ups. Awesome.
    Nice work Simon at lunch today.
    Pistol…how “bout Jeremy with 95lbs OHS and GI Janes tomorrow?
    jumping squats
    db push ups with rows
    and something else….maybe sit ups?
    jokers are a GI Jane.
    I was Oly Lifting so I have not dome that yet.
    Jeremy is on the board as well. 21-15-9 OHS (95/65) and Burpees

  15. the above comment was by Pebbles not Pistol so she was not talking to herself…ooops.

  16. Please do not put me on the same team as Meatball…
    Unless you want lots of bickering and no working out LOL. For some reason we compete against each other better, than working with each other, Go figure.

  17. Nice 135lb Jerk today Pebbles! Great work on the Seal Hold ’em wod everybody and thank you to Michael for finding it for us! Nadler, have a birthday glass of wine for me, make it a double!

  18. Any CFNF girls interested, GIRLS b’day( 4 me and another girl) dinner next thursday night 2/12 probably at CEVICHE? Somewhere around there. Let me know if you are in!

  19. Nadler if you are drinking for people have three for me wine hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Pebbles/pistol comment just confused me were you thinking out loud?

  20. Love CEVICHE Nadler…but sticking with the block diet for sure for a while. I am sure I could eat block at CEVICHE but I can not help to eat a giant bowl of quac. …and then there is margaritas.
    Jpo, I was signed in under Pistol by accident.
    Good luck everyone tonight. If you are teamed up with Muffin be sure to finish first then sit down and have a beer or something.

  21. I did not see the muffin man tonight…he must be eating muffins on Dreary lane.
    Lots of people! Fun workout!

  22. Jpo, define “fun.” My definition does not include 174 pistols in one evening. 🙂
    Great job to everyone tonight. The card games make things interesting, for sure!

  23. I better have some girlfriends from CFNF representin’ next thursday nite! Zone or no zone! Cheat meal Nite!!

  24. I’ll cheat with ya Nadler!

  25. Peggalicious says

    Nice picture Breeze – you’re pretty.

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