With a continuously running clock do one 135 pound Clean and Jerk the first minute, two 135 pound Clean and Jerks the second minute, three 135 pound Clean and Jerks the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.

Use as many sets each minute as needed.

Post number of minutes completed to comments.

Sign up for the Challenge!!!!

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  1. oooh! I LOVE this WOD.

  2. Rainman is levitating the barbell.
    6 rounds RX. This one gets tough really quickly.

  3. who’s going to this challenge? when did you guys sign up?
    awesome picture, ps.

  4. I’m going. I signed up for the 9-11 session.
    This was on the cf endurance website. It’s hilarious:

  5. maybe it is lack of coffee this morning, or that I’m just dense, but I don’t get this WOD??? Can anyone explain how it works?

  6. He’s like Yoda.

  7. Andy – the clock starts. Minute 1 – do 1 rep. At minute 2 do two reps. This keeps climbing. You can rest between reps but you have one minute to complete the prescribed number.

  8. 9 to 11.

  9. Sean CFNFT says

    Andy…you just do one rep of the clean and jerk within the first minute. If you do the first rep in 5 seconds, you have 55 seconds to rest before the 2nd minute. When the 2nd starts you’ll do 2 reps. If it takes you 10 seconds, you have 50 to rest…and so on. The rest times get shorter as the minutes go up.
    That means if you can get that far, minutes 9, 10, and 11 will equal a 3 min Grace!
    I got 7 min + 4 reps in the 8th @135. That whooped me quick!

  10. Great, now Michael can lift weights by just using his mind? I don’t think that’s allowed in CF.

  11. this WOD sounds hard. thanks for telling me how it works.

  12. Cool pick! I think Rainman looks more like Jar Jar.

  13. i signed up for 9-11, too
    anyone meeting at the gym to caravan?

  14. Is anyone doing this tonight?
    Looking for a running mate.

  15. i think stacy and i will be in at 5. come with!

  16. Great workout! Gases you before you know it. One rep short of 7…..but that only counts as six. Just like Brad was 2 short of 9…yep I said 9…. great job Brad. G, pretty darn good as well!
    How bout a shout out for Hags busting through the Alt WOD and then jumping right in for five rounds RX! She’s really been bringing it!

  17. felt guilty for not working out yesterday…that was definitely more fun than I thought it would be..first time I lifted that weight…my hanging pr is 83 pounds so happy about that..can’t wait to do that one again…definitely want 6rx..

  18. thanks Sammy…you always kill it…just trying to keep up…next is that muscle up…:)

  19. 8 (+7) rounds RX for me. A PR by 6 clean and jerks BUT really ALL I could think is…REALLY? SERIOUSLY??? I couldn’t squeak out 2 more for a BIG FAT 9!!!
    Next time.
    Nice work Stephen on your first C and J WOD.

  20. Well done today! Breeze, Pebbles, Gdog & Stacy rocked that mutha out!!! I got 8 and then stopped, next time I’ll keep goin! I hope tomorrow is a buttload of box jumps or something “pleasant” like that!

  21. Or maybe like a 1000000 burpees or something equally fun =)