Winos Win!!!!

IMG_0171 Coach Mike Burgener with Pebbles and Pistol

MONDAY 100118

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 090104.

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  1. Congrats fellow winos! Goes to show you that the oft used phrase, “90% of success is showing up” rings true:)
    Good job this morning, Buzz and Doc. You guys are strong like bulls!
    I’m gonna start posting my results here, as suggested, so I can go back and compare.
    started at 145 lbs and made it up to 205 lbs 3x deadlift

  2. Great pic!
    Good job Xena!

  3. Hoorah Xena…..You need to be recognized for using the blog for what it is intended for!
    That’s gonna be my new year’s resolution….use the blog for workout tracking not trash talking.
    Can’t get to the gym today…so, I guess I’m back to trash talk.
    Winos Win-o’s!

  4. Good job on the win winos!
    Now y’all have something to talk to your grand kids about when they come to visit. They might even think you’re cool, and feel like they can to relate.

  5. How about Up yours Miguel!!

  6. Hey Gdog why don’t you blow it out your ace!

  7. Worked in O lifts today. Very motivated to get back to it. Way to move the feet Pistol.Pistol was an excellent instructor this week-end. I really enjoyed seeing Coach again.
    Did Helen afterwards. 16 something RX. Pull ups feel better.

  8. Taking after Xena for my records
    335 x3 PR for me.

  9. Yay!

  10. I got 223 x 3 today. I might have been able to do a bit more but I could feel my back starting to round a bit towards the end so I left it at that. Enjoyed working out with you today Amy!

  11. DL = 235×3 Felt Good
    Congrats on the PR Gdog!

  12. 400×3 thanks for the training on form brad

  13. Just heard it is no time week…so scratch that 16 something Helen I posted and hears to good form! Cheers!

  14. I enjoyed working out with you too! You are always an inspiration.

  15. That is huge!!!!!!