Winos vs. Keggers from CrossFit North Fulton on Vimeo.

HQ Rest Day.  A card will be drawn from the Hopper Deck at 6:00 a.m.


Winos still in the lead.  

Sunday Points:


Participation:  5    Placement Points:  4


Participation:  6

Placement Points:  8


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  1. Everyone have a fun and crazy week. Out to the Left Coast until Thursday. Brad and G-Dog you are so dead!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good thing your back JT. Your team needs you to bring it. Right now you guys sssuuuuuuccccckkk!

  3. Brad + Shandy = Brandy…….well done!
    I guess PETA will be working out with us today. Who knows, they probably could help the Keggers.

  4. Now that I have been on the Paleo diet I am happy to announce that I am able to wear a 2T Vick shirt. That’s like 30 sizes I lost.

  5. Ryan just watched the video and said Kim needs to give me back my football jersey.
    Classic video from the Trego’s.

  6. I Can’t stop laughing over this video! Well done!!

  7. says

    Dude…that is funny as crap…you guys are all a bunch of dillholes! When “Shandy” was taking his stuff out of his pockets, I temporarily forgot that was Pistol bitching at him and not me! HA!

  8. The videos, as always, are priceless. Everyone at work is asking me, “why are you at your desk laughing at your computer?” and I’m like, “you wouldn’t understand”.
    Great job this morning fellow wine-os, doc, buzz and whit,
    and (grudgingly) you too, peaches and martine.

  9. as a “sort of newbie” i’m not sure i got all the jokes but none the less, you all crack me up! very cute. i’m on here now for the video’s so, when’s the next one?

  10. Very soon…please stay tuned

  11. tomorrow’s hq wod has hicky/stacy/katie written allll over it