Why Choose CrossFit North Fulton?

Why choose CrossFit North Fulton?  What’s the difference?

CrossFit affiliates aren’t like McDonald’s where everything is the same no matter which location you choose.  If you are looking for a CrossFit Affiliate Box to call home we strongly encourage you to try all that are in your area and hope that you will choose CrossFit North Fulton based on the certainty that we are first and most experienced affiliate in the North Fulton Area and we have over 26 years experience in the fitness arena.  We have worked with all fitness populations ranging from professional athletes to stay at home moms to the elderly and everything in between.

What to look for:

Experience:  Is this a CrossFit box owner/trainer that works another job or has left their job to try a new career and has never actually worked with the public in the fitness arena?  There are no requirements set forth by CrossFit on how an affiliate runs their gym or what experience they have.  Find an affiliate that has some experience.  

Knowledge:  Are the trainers knowledgeable?  Are they certified with a Nationally Accredited Certification in addition to their CrossFit Certifications?  Are they CPR certified?  Can they answer your questions and execute the movements adequately?  

Rapport:  Do you like the trainers you are working with and can you communicate with them?

Scheduling:  Is there a class time that works with your schedule?  Do you have to reserve a spot or can you come to any class?

Competition:  Are you competitive?  Team CrossFit North Fulton ranked #3 in the state for the CrossFit Games Sectional Qualifier.  

Value:  Are the skills you are learning worth the $?  Most of the movements done in CrossFit require expert coaching, coaching that you will not find in a commercial gym.  We don’t use machines that take all the skill out of human movement because we believe that doing so is about the most ineffective way to get fit imaginable, not to mention they are aren’t natural for your chain of movement.  CrossFit involves complex, multi-joint, multi-planar movements, and teaching them involves recognizing and correcting movement faults.  We teach people how to move correctly.  Consequently, coaching expertise makes a difference.  CrossFit North Fulton was voted the “Best Trainers” in Roswell, Alpharetta and Milton.  

If you have any questions regarding our credentials please feel free to email us at crossfitnf@att.net or check out our Bio pages.  

Thank you.

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