DSC_0014 Who knew we could fit that many athletes on that mat….

DSC_0028 Welcome, Shannan!  Her 2nd official WOD and she rocked 77lb Deadlifts!  Nice!

10 Thrusters (135,95) – 50 Double Unders
8 Thrusters – 40 Double Unders
6 Thrusters – 30 Double Unders
4 Thrusters – 20 Double Unders
2 Thrusters – 10 Double Unders

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  1. If Tommy is on the board, I am coming in 2 hours before the noon class to start. By the end of that class I should be done!

  2. I was thinking the same thing.

  3. Andy
    I think you will knock the S%#T out of this WOD. Just like Wed afternoon.

  4. I just might my man, I just might.

  5. I love this WOD. Kim and I did this at the beach over Spring break. It’s tough but quick.
    Taking a rest day today.
    See you at 4:30 people!!!!
    Happy Friday.
    Nice time on your 800m run Campbell.

  6. We are subbing tuck jumps for double unders today, fyi

  7. I love this WOD. Wish I could be there. But i am stuck in class…again.

  8. Great job 6 am-ers!
    A big CFNF welcome to both Jeremiah and Chiquita!!:)

  9. Attn: CFNFers! Meet us out at Sip @ 7pm tomorrow night to celebrate Hagler’s birthday! All are invited, hope to see you there.

  10. Wow! Hicky just finished Tommy V in 1 hour and 18 minutes and 43 seconds!!!! Big Ed got it in 32:39! Meatball gave it her best effort! Andy did 100 muscle ups in 47 and change…Xena did 73lb thrusters this morning! Ya’ll are some kinda firebreathers!

  11. Just want to say I was really impressed with Meatball, Hicky and Andy today!

  12. I think you love every WOD. I was happy about the 800 as I typically run to the stop sign. The 2nd fire hydrant is a piece of cake.

  13. now you tell ’em. my du’s are God awful. Tucks would probably be just fine, if I only knew what they were.

  14. Hicky Ed and Meatball rocked the nastiest WOD around…my hands hurt so badly, I may have to start drinking again.

  15. Yea…that’s what I always say.

  16. Big Shout out to JT. DId Tommy V in 25:17RX. That’s LEGIT!!!!!
    Very nice work for a rainy Friday afternoon JT. Good to see you.

  17. Well, you got an RX. Even if it did take you 12 min 🙂

  18. Kudos to everyone who did the WOD!!! yea for u!

  19. Thanks Pebbles, my hands are tore up though from that one. Those rope climbs take every ounce of effort every climb.
    Thanks to Pebbles, Justin and Sara for sticking around to cheer me on. I appreciate ya!