Monday – Happy Birthday Andy & Stacy and Larry!


What an awesome weekend!  Great job team CFNF at the Garage Games 2011!  Great job ladies at the Flowery Branch Open weightlifting meet!  To see more pics of this weekend please click the "competition" link on the left.

HQ Rest Day.  Come see what's on the board.


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  1. Way to go everyone. It was fun to watch those events.

  2. Happy B-day Andy and Stacy.

  3. thanks to everyone who came out to support yesterday! it was so much fun being on a great team and having such a loud cheering section.

  4. Great job all!!!

  5. Happy Birthday’s to all three of you!! Just to echo GND, thanks to all who came out yesterday and supported, it was much appreciated!
    Alex, Stacy, Katie, Beth, Brad, great job! We really held our own this weekend and should be proud of what we accomplished.Pound for pound we may have been the best team there? It was a pleasure to be on the same team as the five of you. Personal highlight, screaming like a mad man at the team during Tug of War. That was the event where I thought we exceeded expectations.
    See you all at lunch…for what I’m not sure, I’m pretty stiff.

  6. Lunch time was packed. Enjoyed the workout and the support from all. I did 145 on the back squat. 15 from my PR. Feeling good. Feeling great!!!
    Nutrition note: didn’t lose one single pound this week. Does any one use protein powder?? Looking at doing a smoothie for breakfast – looking to mix it up from my normal eggs breakfast.
    Hagler I miss you. Where are you?

  7. Happy Birthday to Larry, Andy and Stacy!

  8. Happy Birthday all!

  9. Jacklyn, ask Brad about the one he had on his desk.I think that is your best bet, Just can’t remember the name.

  10. Blue Bonnett….from whole foods. I mix it with coconut milk.