Wednesday WOD


5 rounds for time:

10 snatch 95 lbs for men – 75 lb for ladies
15 box jump

Post time to comments.

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  1. Hey guys…did I leave my arms there yesterday???
    See ya’s at 12:30!

  2. Great work out.
    LeAnn and guys are great. Eddie keeps me laughing.
    Good to be back at CFNF. Really enjoyed the cert. Tough but I learned so much and got the extra benefit of not being able to walk for three days.Awesome!
    See ya tomorrow.
    PS. Someone bring Kim Trego a brownie sunday. She was craving one this morning.

  3. you call me evil???? enlisting the help of the innocent? That’s evil X infinity! Thanks though Pebbles for sharing the rowing tecniques they really worked. And thanks to Hicky who told me yesterday on the runs to start like a bat out of hell and then slow up. She said you will slow down but it will still be faster than if you paced yourself from the beginning. And she was right! As if I should even question the girl who clocked in at 3:29!

  4. Kathy Hagler says

    Brownies???? The workout was great… I was right behind pistol and that was hard.. Now spider did well even though he had some dizziness maybe someone should give him a brownie!!!! Hagler